Unique engineering scholarship program encourages students to pursue interests i

There is the old notion that people are either right-brained (intuitive, artistic, subjective) or left-brained (logical, rational, objective). Most people are content with their distinction as either right- or left-brained, and never think that they could excel at both ways of thinking. This is not the case for Virginia Commonwealth University College of Engineering donor Tom Eilerson and his company, EDC. Eilerson has set up a unique scholarship program through the College of Engineering that encourages students of engineering to pursue their interests in the creative arts, and to find new ways to merge the two disciplines.

Originally from Cincinnati, this single father and entrepreneur believes very strongly in “finding new ways to do things.” Through his company, Eilerson’s generous donation to the College of Engineering will help students who would not otherwise have the opportunity to pursue new ways of thinking about the merging of art and science. This will inevitably broaden the ways that artists and scientists approach their respective disciplines, leaving the old right brain, left-brain distinctions behind.