Endowed fund provides financial assistance to single mothers enrolled at VCU

As chairman of VCU’s Division of Clinical Pharmacology and Hypertension and a professor of medicine and pharmacology at VCU since 1981, Dr. Domenic Sica is used to attending to the needs of others. He shows expertise at ferreting out the medical needs of his patients and academic needs of his students on a daily basis. And now he sees to the financial needs of others, having recently established the Sica Family Scholarship, an endowed fund that will provide financial assistance to single mothers enrolled at VCU. Sica is a staunch supporter of the School of Medicine and VCU athletics, and the Connecticut native has provided financial assistance to a number of VCU students and local Richmond public school students for six years. The Sica Family Scholarship is his first endowed fund at the University.

“Children of single parents are up against the wall as it is,” said Sica. “I am hoping this scholarship will be one way of alleviating some of the worry these students face in how best they can afford to go to school and still tend to the needs of their children.”