Students thank donors


Virginia Commonwealth University fosters an environment where students can find their voices, discover their passions and make an impact on the community and the world.

Support from our donors and friends isn’t measured in the amount of contributions given to the university. Support is measured in the lives of students that are changed through donations. Our students are changing the future, and private giving steers their path to success.

Our university is a place where, for example, an inspiring lecture could ignite a career passion and fuel industry growth and innovation. In fact, 15 percent of students have already started a company, have a business idea or are actively pursuing business formation.  

Your gifts drive VCU’s research initiative to fight the war on cancer, provide scholarships to deserving individuals, enhance the educational atmosphere, provide undergraduates and graduate students with intense, hands-on research opportunities and attract gifted students to the university. 

Thank you for investing in the future of our students, our university and our world. Through these doors, we are making it real.