Record alumni gifts mark MCV Campus reunion

Alumni of the MCV Campus came back for Virginia Commonwealth University’s April Reunion Weekend and made big gifts to their alma mater in the process.

School of Medicine
Alumni from the VCU School of Medicine pledged more than $250,000 in reunion giving. The school is in the midst of a campaign to raise money for a new state-of-the-art building.

Special thanks goes to these class leaders: Dr. Bob Waddell (M.D. ’60); Dr. Jane Pendleton Wootton (M.D. ’65); Dr. Pete Sowers (M.D. ’70); Dr. George Burke (M.D. ’70); Dr. Harry Bear (M.D. ’75; Ph.D. ’78); Dr. Lori Smithson (M.D. ’80); Dr. Barklie Zimmerman (M.D. ’80); Dr. Paula Fergusson (M.D. ’85); Dr. Mike Fuller (M.D. ’90); Dr. Glenda Ramsey Cardillo (B.S. ’90; M.D. ’95); Dr. Cliff Deal (M.S. ’95; M.D. ’00); and Dr. Scott Midwall (M.S. ’01; M.D. ’05).

School of Dentistry
School of Dentistry alumni marked their class graduation anniversaries with a record total of class pledges to benefit students scholarships, to enhance the school and to memorialize classmates.

Dr. French Moore Jr. (D.D.S. ’60), former rector of the VCU Board of Visitors, led the effort for the D.D.S. Class of 1960. Their 50th Reunion Scholarship Endowment, totaling $348,850, topped all other reunion giving at the university combined. The “2” on the class ceremonial check was marked out when the total leapt into the $300,000 range, after Moore received a $75,000 signed commitment while riding in the hotel elevator to the ballroom to sign his name to the oversized presentation check.

Many classes asked members to pledge their class year (for example, $1,995 for the Class of 1995), resulting in numerous first-time donors and pushing the School of Dentistry’s total giving to $446,225.

Aside from Moore, special thanks go to these reunion pledge leaders for their hard work, commitment and personal generosity: MCV Alumni Association of VCU President Dr. James H. Revere (D.D.S. ’65); Dr. Bill Dabney (D.D.S. ’80); Dr. Mike Campbell (M.S. ’78; D.D.S. ’85); Dr. Dennis Wong (D.D.S. ’90); Dr. Steve Forte (D.D.S. ’95); and Dr. Clay Weisberg (D.D.S. ’05).

School of Nursing
During Reunion Weekend, the VCU School of Nursing Class of 1960 made a $20,000 gift, which will establish a new scholarship. The Class of 2010 also concluded a successful fundraising effort. The class raised $8,700 as their gift to the school.

To make a gift to any school or unit on the MCV Campus, contact Brian Thomas, senior executive director of development for the MCV Foundation, at (804) 828-0067 or