Black & Gold Loyalty Society

Loyalty matters

Loyalty Club CircleLoyal donors like you are the cornerstone of VCU's success, providing the means by which the university can carry out its mission of excelling as a premier public research university focused on academic success, community engagement, research and scholarly productivity.

In recognition of this important commitment, the Black & Gold Loyalty Society honors alumni and non-alumni donors and their spouses/partners who have made gifts to VCU for five or more consecutive years — from our newest members, who are just beginning their lifelong commitment to annual giving, to our lifetime supporters, who have given to the university for 25 or more years. Gifts of any amount to any area of the university are counted toward society inclusion. Consecutive years of giving are counted by fiscal year, which runs from July 1 to June 30.


VCU is extremely grateful for the commitment Black & Gold Loyalty Society participants make each and every year. Recognition of loyal donors includes:

  • Receipt of VCU Annual Report
  • Black & Gold lapel pin at 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years
  • Invitations to special events
  • Recognition on

Give today

Dr. Joseph M. Adair
Mrs. Wanda J. Andrako
Mrs. Fay T. Andrews
Mrs. Kathie B. Atkinson and Mr. Stephen M. Atkinson
Mrs. Ann H. Austin and Mr. John J. Austin
Dr. Betsy A. Bampton
Mrs. Patsy L. Barr and Mr. John S. Barr
Mrs. Susan Q. Bass and Dr. Robert G. Bass
Mrs. Suzanne V. Becht and Mr. Joseph E. Becht, Jr.
Dr. Joyce O. Beckett and Mr. John C. Purnell, Jr.
Katherine C. Bobbitt, EdD
Mrs. Peggy J. Borgard and Dr. John H. Borgard
Mrs. Ruth A. Bowman and Dr. John H. Bowman
Mr. Robert H. Brawand Jr., Jr.
Ms. Patricia S. Britton and Mr. David Powers
William G. Broaddus, Esq.
Mrs. Linda F. Bunce and Mr. Richard O. Bunce, Jr.
Ms. Harriet W. Buss and Mr. Allan C. Buss
Mrs. Nancy L. Cheely and Mr. Joseph D. Cheely
Ms. Myra E. Clements
Dr. Betty D. Cobaugh
Mrs. Ann M. Coffin and Mr. Gary E. Coffin
Mrs. Nell W. Coffman
Mrs. Josee G. Covington and Dr. William D. Covington
Mrs. Robin K. Cox and Mr. T. Kent Cox
Mrs. Mary V. Crone and Mr. Charles F. Crone
Dr. Julia B. Curtis and Mr. John R. Curtis, Jr.
Mrs. Brenda B. Davis and Mr. Shelton Davis
Mrs. Concetta M. Davis and Dr. Michael D. Davis
Mrs. Phyllis K. Dominick and Mr. William F. Dominick
Mrs. Corinne F. Dorsey
Mrs. Jonadell P. Dray and Mr. Mark S. Dray
Dr. Barbara H. Dunn
Mrs. Beverly G. Durrer and Mr. Christopher T. Durrer
Mrs. Merilyn L. Finn and Mr. Jerry M. Finn
Mrs. Kelly M. Flatford and Mr. Robert H. Flatford III
Mrs. Carol B. Fleet and Dr. Clifford B. Fleet, Jr.
Mr. Kent Ford
Mrs. Melissa A. Froede and Mr. Ronald E. Froede, Jr.
Dr. Eleanor H. Garrett and Mr. Roy L. Garrett
Mrs. Marsha C. Ginther and Mr. William M. Ginther
Ms. Kathleen McClory and Mr. Bruce Gould
Mrs. Barbara C. Gray and Mr. F. Wayne Gray
Ms. Angela M. Gray
Mr. Michael Grubbs
Mr. Kenneth M. Gunn, Jr.
Mrs. Alicia L. Hancock and Mr. Jeffrey Hancock
Mrs. Judith K. Hanshaw
Mrs. Carolyn J. Harbison and Dr. John W. Harbison
Dr. Marcia P. Harrigan and Mr. Charles E. Harrigan
Mrs. Mary E. Harris and Mr. Melvin R. Harris
Ms. Neil E. Woolcott and Mr. R. Reese Harris
Dr. Louis S. Harris
Mrs. Lenora G. Hastings and Mr. John F. Hastings
Mrs. Laura S. Hawkridge and Dr. Fred M. Hawkridge
Mrs. Sharolyn B. Heatwole and Mr. Davis G. Heatwole
Mrs. Nancy M. Hendrickson and Mr. Douglas L. Hendrickson
Mrs. Ann S. Henley and Mr. Robert E. Henley, Jr.
Dr. JoAnne K. Henry and Mr. James S. Henry
Mrs. Betty E. Hoffer and Dr. George E. Hoffer
Ms. Stephanie L. Holt
Mrs. Mary Horsley and Dr. J. Shelton Horsley III
Mrs. Leah R. Hundley and Mr. Robert L. Hundley
Dr. Jane R. Ingalls and Mr. Larry W. Ingalls
Mrs. Nancy L. Jakubec and Mr. John J. Jakubec
Mrs. Sandra M. Johnson and Mr. Otis M. Johnson, Jr.
Mrs. Harriet W. Johnston and Dr. Russell A. Johnston
Mrs. Lynn Jones and The Reverend William O. Jones
Mrs. Fran W. Kay
Mrs. Wanda J. King and Mr. Allen B. King
Dr. Cynthia K. Kirkwood and Dr. Craig F. Kirkwood
Mrs. Nancy Kontos and Dr. Hermes A. Kontos
Dr. Nancy F. Langston
Mr. Victor W. Lavenstein
Mrs. Elizabeth C. Lewis and Dr. Augustine W. Lewis III
Mrs. Dorothy R. Lewy and Mr. Donald L. Lewy
Mrs. Pearl Lieb and Dr. Richard J. Lieb
Mrs. Jean F. Lumpkin and Mr. James M. Lumpkin
Mrs. Deborah Engelbrecht MacArthur
Mrs. Glenda N. MacMeccan and Mr. Robert M. MacMeccan, Jr.
Dr. Cheryl C. Magill and Dr. Mont K. Magill
Mrs. Ann C. Marchant and Dr. Robert E. Marchant
Mrs. Victoria S. Marks and Mr. Edward A. Marks III
Mr. William H. Mattox
Mrs. Adrienne L. Maxwell and Mr. John C. Maxwell, Jr.
Ms. Carol A. McCoy
Mrs. Emily D. McDaniel and Dr. James L. McDaniel
Mrs. Dardignac E. McLeod and Dr. Alan M. McLeod
Dr. Cynthia M. Messmer and Dr. James M. Messmer
Mrs. Charlotte M. Minor and Mr. G. Gilmer Minor III
Mrs. Empsy M. W. Munden
Mrs. Susan M. Nash
Mr. Charles H. Norris
Mrs. Sara Belle November
Mrs. Mary S. Oehler and Dr. John S. Oehler, Jr.
Dr. L. Terry Oggel and Mrs. Linda S. Oggel
Mrs. Deborah S. O'Toole and Mr. Dennis M. O'Toole
Dr. Barbara K. Pagels and Dr. John F. Pagels
Mrs. Sallie H. Plunkett
Dr. Clementine S. Pollok and Mr. William H. Pollok
Mr. Daniel E. Popovich
Mrs. Huda S. Rahal and Dr. Frederick Rahal
Mrs. Katherine C. Reed and Mr. Denzel V. Reed, Jr.
Mr. Richard M. Reed and Mr. Jerome L. Williams
Dr. Pamela F. Regimbal and Mr. James J. Regimbal
Mrs. Dale T. Revell and Mr. William G. Revell, Jr.
Mrs. Linda B. Rice and Mr. Thomas J. Rice III
Mrs. Bertha C. Rolfe
Mr. Gilbert M. Rosenthal
Mrs. Betty J. Rudasill and Mr. Charles L. Rudasill, Jr.
Mrs. Helen J. Ryan and Mr. James E. Ryan, Jr.
Mrs. Hazel B. Saunders and Mr. Zebulon V. Saunders, Jr.
Mrs. Elise B. Scherr and Mr. Irving Y. Scherr
Mrs. Janet B. Schwarz and Dr. Philip J. Schwarz
Dr. Linda K. Seeman and Dr. Irvin J. Seeman
Mrs. Kathleen C. Seidenberg and Dr. Arthur J. Seidenberg
Mrs. Cornelia J. Shumadine and Mr. William F. Shumadine, Jr.
Mrs. Melinda P. Skinner and Mr. Ernest E. Skinner
Mrs. Karina S. Slaughter and Mr. John G. Slaughter
Dr. Joann N. Bodurtha and Dr. Thomas J. Smith
Dr. Daryll A. Sneden and Dr. Albert T. Sneden III
Mrs. Susan B. Spielberg and Mr. Howard L. Spielberg
Mrs. Jane M. Staplin and Mr. David E. Staplin
Mrs. Laura E. Taylor and Dr. Michael P. Taylor
Mrs. Patricia I. Thomas and Mr. Kenneth A. Thomas
Mrs. Diana F. Thomas and Mr. Robert B. Thomas
Mrs. Dorothy C. Thomason and Dr. Glenn C. Thomason
Mrs. Margaret S. Thompson and Dr. Jack F. Thompson, Jr.
Mrs. Janet H. Thompson and Mr. Matthew G. Thompson
Mrs. Carol T. Thornton and Mr. Thomas R. Thornton, Jr.
Mrs. Lois E. Trani and Dr. Eugene P. Trani
Mrs. Barbara B. Ukrop and Dr. James E. Ukrop
Mrs. Gail M. Vogler and Mr. Robert C. Vogler
Mrs. Lillian M. Walker-Dalton
Mrs. Martha L. Wallace and Dr. James C. Wallace, Sr.
Mrs. Virginia K. Watson
Mrs. Bonnie S. Weeks and Mr. Hugh Weeks
Mrs. Allison S. White and Dr. Paul R. White II
Mrs. Charlotte Whitesell and Mr. Eric D. Whitesell
Mrs. Susan L. Williams and Mr. Tom Williams
Mrs. Mardene L. Wyant
Mrs. Cheryl Anne Gonzales Yancey

Dr. Martha J. Allen and Mr. Richard L. Allen
Ms. Ann C. Anderson
Ms. Beth Williamson Ayers
Mrs. Kathleen B. Barrett
Mrs. Beverly E. Bates and Mr. John W. Bates III
Mrs. Betty L. Beach and Mr. Gregory L. Beach
Mrs. Debra C. Beale and Dr. Frank J. Beale
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Beardsworth and Capt. Richard R. Beardsworth
Dr. Erika M. Blanton and Mr. M. Eldridge Blanton III
Mrs. Anne K. Boevé and Mr. Roger L. Boevé
Mrs. JoAnn V. Brooks and Mr. James H. Brooks
Ms. Robin-Marie G. Brown and Mr. Bryan Brown III
Ms. Sharon L. Buck
Mrs. Cathleen C. Burke and Mr. Thomas C. Burke, Jr.
Dr. Donna A. Burns and Dr. David R. Burns
Dr. Sian Byron and Dr. Peter R. Byron
Mr. Gregg M. Carbo
Mrs. Yvette D. Carr and Mr. Ronald J. Carr
Mrs. Deborah A. Clay and Mr. Aubrey S. Clay, Jr.
Mrs. Judith T. Clough and Dr. Charles E. Clough
Mrs. Debra M. Coberly and Mr. Edward L. Coberly
Mr. Phil Cohen
Mrs. Mary J. Cook
Mrs. Donna B. Cortright and Mr. Larry L. Cortright, Jr.
Mrs. Terrell D. Dalton and Mr. Mark A. Dalton, Sr.
Mrs. Linda K. Daugherty and Mr. Donald P. Daugherty
Mrs. Susan E. Davenport and Dr. William L. Davenport
Mrs. Mary C. Doswell and Dr. John C. Doswell II
Mrs. Helena M. Edgell
Mrs. Darlene B. Emerson and Mr. George P. Emerson, Jr.
Mrs. Michele S. Ferguson and Mr. Kenneth M. Ferguson
Mrs. Amy L. Garrison and Mr. Kelly S. Garrison
Mrs. Celia H. Gehring and Mr. Donald C. Gehring
Mrs. Georgianne S. Ginder and Dr. Gordon D. Ginder
Mrs. Mary A. Gorsica and Mr. John J. Gorsica III
Mrs. Susan A. Gracik and Mr. L. Michael Gracik, Jr.
Mrs. Mary Frances R. Gravitt and Mr. William D. Gravitt
Mrs. Cathy A. Greenwood and Mr. Glenn D. Greenwood
Mrs. Laura B. Greer and Dr. Harold E. Greer, Jr.
Mrs. Marilyn S. Guynn and Mr. James B. Guynn, Jr.
Dr. Betsy A. Hagan
Dr. Geneva A. Hahn and Mr. Frederic K. Hahn
Mr. Benjamin F. Harmon III
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Holsinger
Mrs. Jane B. Hyde and Mr. Olin V. Hyde
Dr. Fredrika H. Jacobs and Mr. Paul W. Jacobs II
Dr. Miles F. Johnson
Ms. Gail S. Johnson
Dr. Donna P. Johnson and Mr. Edward J. Johnson
Ms. Linda S. Johnston
Mrs. Kim O. King and Mr. Stephen B. King, Sr.
Ms. Lonna S. Krout-Cole and Mr. Steven L. Cole
Ms. Mary Leite
Dr. Susan D. Leone and Mr. Philip A. Leone
Mrs. Melissa R. Link and Dr. Michael J. Link
Mrs. Katherine N. Markel and Mr. Steven A. Markel
Mrs. Edith D. Marsh and Mr. Ronald L. Marsh
Ms. Deborah A. Mason
Ms. Marie N. Massey
Mrs. Danah T. Massey and Mr. Charles D. Massey
Mrs. Rebecca C. Massey and Mr. William E. Massey, Jr.
Mrs. Sara Sally M. Maynard
Mrs. Carolyn McCoy and Mr. Eric M. McCoy
Mrs. Jacqueline W. McGrath and Dr. John H. McGrath
Mrs. Kathleen Miller and Dr. E. G. Miller, Jr.
Mr. John H. Monger III
Ms. Elizabeth Seydel Morgan
Mrs. Mauna G. Mullins and Dr. Edmund E. Mullins, Jr.
Mrs. Kathleen R. Nelson and Dr. James F. Nelson
Mrs. Willie N. Norfleet
Mrs. Terri O'Brien and Mr. Mark B. O'Brien
Mr. John Ryland Orrock, Jr.
Mrs. Patricia Broaddus Pearman
Mrs. Sharon C. Pederson and Mr. Edson S. Pederson
Mrs. Mary L. Pellock
Mrs. Elaine N. Perkinson and Dr. W. Baxter Perkinson, Jr.
Mrs. Patsy K. Pettus
Mrs. Christine C. Peyton and Mr. Charles D. Peyton
Mrs. Claudia M. Phillips and Dr. Thomas E. Phillips, Jr.
Mrs. Vicky Poarch and Mr. Coleman L. Poarch
The Honorable Anne G. Rhodes and Dr. James T. Rhodes
Mrs. Inger V. Rice, A.M.
Mrs. Charlotte K. Roberts
Mrs. Peggie G. Rosen and Mr. Melvin E. Rosen, Jr.
Mrs. Carole A. Ross and Dr. Edward F. Ross, Jr.
Mr. Tim Rowe
Mrs. Susan B. Ryan and Dr. J. Thomas Ryan
Mrs. Gail P. Schwartz and Mr. John J. Schwartz
Mrs. Mary R. Sheehan and Mr. Jeremiah J. Sheehan
Mrs. Martha R. Sherman and Mr. John Sherman, Jr.
Mr. Richard A. Stewart
Dr. Kit T. Sullivan and Mr. Robert E. Sullivan
Mrs. Linda E. Taliaferro and Dr. Richard L. Taliaferro
Mrs. Betty S. Tatum
Mrs. Elizabeth H. Thornton
Mrs. Jennifer L. Timmreck and Mr. Paul W. Timmreck
Mrs. Ellen G. Trimble and Mr. Harry W. Trimble, Jr.
Mrs. Judy H. Turbeville and Mr. Nathan H. Turbeville, Jr.
Mr. Benjamin T. Uzel, Jr.
Mrs. Mary E. Vetrovec and Dr. George W. Vetrovec
Dr. Sonia K. Vlahcevic
Dr. Robert O. Waldbauer, Jr.
Mrs. Janet L. Wallace and Mr. Bruce O. Wallace
Mrs. Carole M. Weinstein and Mr. Marcus M. Weinstein
Mrs. Karolyn M. Whiteley and Mr. Richard E. Whiteley
Mrs. Kay H. Wilberger and Mr. David M. Wilberger, Jr.
Mrs. Judith P. Wilkinson and Dr. David S. Wilkinson
Mrs. Linda W. Willingham and Mr. James T. Willingham
Mr. Timothy E. Wills
Mrs. Patty Worley and Mr. Stephen L. Worley
Ms. Frances N. Zehmer

Mrs. Lina B. Aboulhosn
Mrs. Brenda W. Adkins and Mr. Raymond E. Adkins, Jr.
Mrs. Truitt B. Allcott and Mr. William Allcott
Mrs. Judith C. Anderson and Dr. Ralph L. Anderson
Mrs. Phoebe F. Antrim
Mrs. Betsy M. Arnaudin and Dr. Richard A. Arnaudin
Mrs. Glynis P. Ashby and Mr. M. Pierce Ashby, Jr.
Ms. Kelly G. Ashworth and Mr. G. Munford Ashworth
Mrs. Nancy S. Atkins and Dr. Carl O. Atkins, Jr.
Mrs. Sarah M. Ayers and Mr. Charles E. Ayers, Jr.
Mrs. Frances J. Aylor and Mr. Franklin V. Aylor
Mrs. Lloyd T. Backstrom and Mr. Arthur Backstrom, Jr.
Ms. Amy B. Baer and Mr. Herbert J. Baer III
Mrs. Deborah G. Bailey and Mr. Charles J. Bailey
Ms. Constance A. Bak
Mrs. Janet K. Baldacci and Mr. William L. Baldacci
Mrs. Gayle M. Barber and Mr. Robert R. Barber, Jr.
Mrs. Patricia M. Barker and Dr. Thomas C. Barker
Dr. Sandra B. Barker and Dr. Randolph T. Barker
Mrs. Patricia A. Baskind and Dr. Frank R. Baskind
Mrs. Kathryn D. Betts and Mr. Warren R. Betts
Mrs. Sara A. Bingley and Mr. Charles E. Bingley, Jr.
Mrs. Audra N. Boardman and Mr. David A. Boardman
Mrs. Jan P. Bolger and Dr. John P. Bolger
Mrs. Sally H. Bolte and Mr. Stephen E. Bolte
Mrs. Roseanna A. Boswell and Dr. Cramer L. Boswell
Mrs. Margaret L. Broaddus and Dr. John A. Broaddus, Jr.
Mrs. Beejay Brown and Dr. Donald S. Brown
Mrs. Esther M. Bunzl
Mrs. Nancy Burford and Mr. Douglas J. Burford
Mr. James O. Burgess, Jr.
Dr. Bridget E. Byrne and Dr. J. Mel Fitzgerald
Mr. Robert M. Carlson
Mrs. Yevonne J. Childers and Mr. Richard A. Childers
Mr. Laurence A. Clifton
Mrs. Julia B. Cole and Dr. Timothy J. Cole
Mrs. Barbara S. Collie
Ms. Judith B. Collins and Mr. Joseph M. Teefey
Dr. Leila Christenbury and Mr. Tucker Conley
Mrs. Sylvia G. Crawford and Mr. James W. Crawford
Ms. Maria A. Curran
Mrs. Cary F. Dabney and Mr. Frederick M. Dabney
Mrs. Paula C. Dennison and Mr. Joseph L. Dennison, Jr.
Dr. Umesh R. Desai
Susan R. Digiovanni, M.D.
Mrs. Kay D. Drinkwater and Mr. Wayne C. Drinkwater
Mr. F. Gordon Drumheller
Mrs. Janet W. Duke
Mrs. Virginia L. Eckert and Mr. Philip F. Eckert, Jr.
Dr. Marilyn T. Erickson
Mrs. Kathleen D. Evans and Mr. Mark W. Evans
Mrs. Pamela F. Faggert and Mr. Donald B. Faggert
Mrs. Anne G. Farrell and Mr. Thomas F. Farrell II
Mrs. Jane C. Fawley
Ms. Joyce B. Fletcher and Mr. Tom P. Watts, Jr.
Mrs. Joan M. Floyd and Mr. William D. Floyd
Ms. Mary L. Freed and Mr. David C. Freed
Mrs. Sharon D. Fuller
Dr. Mary Jo Grap and Mr. Terry Grap
Mrs. Cynthia B. Green and Dr. Lloyd A. Green
Mrs. Susan F. Hamill and Mr. Allen W. Hamill III
Mrs. Susan C. Hanley and Mr. Patrick D. Hanley
Mrs. Gwen E. Harding and Mr. John L. Harding
Mrs. Jil W. Harris and Mr. Henry H. Harris III
Mrs. Nancy L. Hartwell and Dr. Gary R. Hartwell
Mrs. Joan B. Harvey and Mr. Frank A. Harvey
Dr. Kathryn A. Haut and Mr. Stephen A. Haut
Ms. Karen C. Hayes and Mr. Timothy L. Hayes
Ms. Judy Heppert and Mr. J. Michael Heppert
Ms. Lisa I. Heyes
Dr. Michael Hindle
Miss Frances W. Holladay
Mrs. Karen B. Fox and Mr. Dirck T. Holscher
Mrs. Paula R. Hudgins and Dr. W. Michael Hudgins
Mrs. Kathleen M. Hughes and Mr. Page E. Hughes, Jr.
Dr. Valerie J. Hunt and Mr. Jim Ballway
Mrs. Martha K. James and Dr. John R. James
Ms. Allison P. Weinstein and Mr. Ivan P. Jecklin
Mrs. Joyce Johnson and Mr. Richard S. Johnson
Prof. Jeanette A. Jones
Mr. Timothy A. Joslin
Mr. E. Craig Kennedy
Mrs. Lynn L. Kessler and Mr. Neil S. Kessler
Mrs. Jane M. Knight and Mr. David R. Knight
Dr. Kara S. Kniska
Dr. Beverly A. Kroner and Mr. Gary L. Hill
Mrs. Constance C. Lacy and Mr. Linwood A. Lacy, Jr.
Mrs. Maryanne B. Lambert and Mr. Peter B. Lambert
Mrs. Emily R. Lanning and Dr. David A. Lanning
Ms. Adrienne M. LaPrade
Dr. Judith A. Lewis and Mr. Art R. Lewis
Mrs. Patricia B. Lewis and Mr. Milton A. Lewis, Jr.
Mrs. Gwendolyn F. Lingerfelt and Mr. Alan T. Lingerfelt
Mr. Ronald A. Lloyd
Mrs. Theresa M. Lloyd and Mr. Greg I. Lloyd
Mrs. Lauretta E. Lyman and Mr. W. Mark Lyman
Mrs. Patricia M. Lyons and Mr. David A. Lyons
Ms. Tara E. Silver-Malyska and Mr. Robert P. Malyska
Prof. Melissa W. Marrion
Mrs. Pamela W. Mason and Mr. Junius H. Mason III
Mr. William E. Massey III
Mrs. Pamela S. Masters and Dr. Lawrence E. Masters
Mr. James R. Mattocks, Jr.
Mrs. Pamela M. Mazmanian and Dr. Paul E. Mazmanian
Mrs. Janice L. McMillan and Dr. James H. McMillan
Ms. Jeanne M. Hammer and Mr. Paul D. McWhinney
Mr. David S. S. Meredith
Mrs. Lynn S. Michaux and Mr. Joseph E. Michaux II
Ms. Susan Laura Miller
Pauline A. Miller, CPCU
Dr. Richard M. Morrison
Ms. Ann Marie Mueller
Mrs. Jenni Mumper and Mr. Jason R. Mumper
Dr. Neil B. Murphy
Mrs. Kathryn O. Napier and Mr. James T. Napier
Dr. Julia W. Neuls and Mr. Kenneth R. Neuls
Mrs. Natalie A. Newfield and Mr. Mark J. Newfield
Mr. Norman J. Nuckols
Mrs. Inge T. Ohlinger and Mr. Brian J. Ohlinger
Ms. Dolores L. Orange
Mrs. Debra S. Owens and Mr. Stephen C. Owens
Mrs. Lynne G. Parks and Mr. Scott W. Parks
Mr. William M. Parks
Mrs. Wanda C. Petrasy and Dr. Eugene A. Petrasy
Mrs. Vivian R. Petree and Mr. John R. Petree
Ms. Susan G. Phillips and Dr. Charles W. Phillips
Mrs. Julia M. Poppell and Mr. James B. Poppell III
Dr. Cleveland H. Porter, Jr.
Mrs. Violeta G. Powell and Mr. W. Larry Powell
Mrs. Mary E. Priest and Dr. James H. Priest
Mrs. Sue M. Putze and Mr. Floyd W. Putze, Jr.
Ms. Frances B. Raphael
Mrs. Gloria J. Redmond and Mr. John W. Redmond
Mr. Thomas G. Richardson
Ms. Susan B. Robertson
Mrs. Kathryn A. Sagan-Salandro and Dr. Daniel P. Salandro
Mrs. Janet L. Sauer and Mr. Bradford B. Sauer, Sr.
Mrs. Catherine P. Saunders
Mrs. Catherine A. Schenkein and Dr. Harvey A. Schenkein
Ms. Marilyn J. Scott
Mrs. Suzanne S. Seay and Mr. John W. Seay
Mrs. Laurie V. Shadowen and Mr. Hollis L. Shadowen, Jr.
Mrs. Susan C. Shearer and Dr. James W. Shearer
Mr. Michael S. Shelton
Mrs. Patricia N. Sherrod and Mr. Michael Sherrod
Mrs. Dawn M. Siegel and Mr. Stuart C. Siegel
Ms. Susan D. Kurzman and Mr. Thomas A. Silvestri
Mrs. Marilyn H. Slabaugh and Mr. Raymond M. Slabaugh III
Dr. Patricia W. Slattum and Mr. Kevin L. Slattum
Mrs. Sharon Smith and Dr. Darryl R. Smith
Mr. Joe O. Smith
Mrs. Barbara L. Smith and Mr. Randolph H. Smith
Mrs. Vickie M. Snead and Dr. Thomas G. Snead, Jr.
Mrs. Carolyn K. Snow and The Honorable John W. Snow
Mrs. Karolyn W. Soyars and Mr. Raymond G. Soyars
Mrs. Mary E. Spain and Mr. Jack H. Spain, Jr.
Mrs. Sheryl Stark and Dr. Cory M. Stark
Mrs. Theresa J. Fayman and Dr. Martin T. Starkman
Ms. Ann Steigleder
Mrs. Carolyn M. Stevens and Mr. Joseph E. Stevens, Jr.
Mrs. Jacquelyn J. Stone and Mr. Gerald T. Stone
Mrs. Lucille M. Strauss and Mr. Richard E. Strauss
Ms. Fiona M. Marissa and Mr. Keith H. Strohecker
Mr. Steven G. Switzer
Mrs. Jane C. Tarsovich and Mr. Phillip P. Tarsovich
Dr. Eileen C. McGill and Dr. Alexander F. Tartaglia
Mr. James E. Taylor
Dr. Jodi L. Teitelman
Mrs. Marcia H. Thalhimer and Mr. Harry R. Thalhimer
Mrs. Suzanne F. Thomas and Mr. William G. Thomas
Mrs. Suzanne G. Thompson and Dr. Jon M. Thompson
Ms. Anne E. Jolly and Mr. Robert C. Thompson
Dr. Robert M. Tipton
Mrs. Lelia B. Tyson and Mr. Robert B. Tyson
Mrs. Jayne B. Ukrop and Mr. Robert S. Ukrop
Dr. Charles R. Utley
Mr. Nicholas P. Valdrighi
Mrs. Pamela Venitz and Dr. Jurgen L. Venitz
Ms. Kristi M. Vera
Mrs. Margaret Walker and Mr. George E. Walker
Mr. Jacob H. Wamsley II
Mrs. Margot C. Ward and Dr. John D. Ward
Dr. Paula M. Warwick and Dr. Thomas A. Warwick
Mrs. Barbara M. Wash and Mr. Norman P. Wash
Mrs. Pamela L. Watkins and Mr. Ernest E. Watkins II
Mrs. Jane G. Watkins and Mr. Tscharner D. Watkins III
Mrs. Carolyn D. Welcker
Mrs. Elma M. Wells and Mr. Barry L. Wells
Mr. Joseph S. Welton and Ms. Lynn N. Welton
Mrs. Donna R. Whitehead and Mr. Charles S. Whitehead, Jr.
Mrs. Vann T. Williams and Mr. E. Otto N. Williams, Jr.
Miss Susan W. Williams
Mrs. Anne G. Williams and Mr. C. Franklin Williams
Mrs. Janet H. Willis and Mr. Bruce G. Willis
Mrs. Pamela P. Wilson and Mr. Glenn A. Wilson
Mrs. Marcia G. Yaffe and Mr. Barry P. Yaffe

Mrs. Kate F. Ackerly and Mr. John P. Ackerly IV
Mrs. Lucile M. Ackerly and Mr. Benjamin C. Ackerly
Mrs. Maureen C. Ackerly and Mr. Benjamin C. Ackerly, Jr.
Mrs. Elaine S. Ackman
Dr. Randy Adams
Mrs. Marion W. Addison and Mr. David D. Addison
Mrs. Carol K. Adelaar and Dr. Robert S. Adelaar
Mrs. Anne K. Adler and Dr. Robert A. Adler
Mrs. Marquita C. Aguilar and Mr. Carlos R. Aguilar
Ms. Ashley Kathleen Allen
Mrs. Macy Lau-Allen and Mr. Matthew D. Allen
Mr. Robert A. Almond
Dr. Barbara Ameer
Mrs. Catherine M. Ames and Mr. John F. Ames, Jr.
Mrs. Catherine Andrews and Dr. Stephen M. Andrews
Mr. Michael P. Andrews
Dr. Jean B. Gasen and Mr. Robert E. Antonelli
Mrs. Gena Rhone Archer
Mrs. Rachel M. Armistead and Dr. Lee B. Armistead
Mrs. Frazier Armstrong and Mr. Loren B. Armstrong
Mrs. Harriet Armstrong and Mr. Michael Armstrong
Ms. Kelly B. Armstrong and Mr. Tiffany B. Armstrong
Mrs. Anne L. Armstrong and Mr. Edward A. Armstrong, Jr.
Mrs. Shelly E. Arthur and Dr. Douglas W. Arthur
Mrs. Judy W. Arthur and Dr. Lewis A. Arthur
Mrs. Allyson B. Ashcraft and Mr. Jay M. Ashcraft
Mrs. Audrey H. Ashie and Mr. Ibrahim A. Ashie
Ms. Judith Atlas and Mr. Barry L. Jackson
Mrs. Ellen B. Atwell and Mr. George C. Atwell
Mrs. Eleanor B. Avery
Ms. Athena L. Bachas and Mr. Warren A. Fry
Mrs. Margaret J. Bailey and Dr. Andrew A. Bailey, Jr.
Mr. John Michael Bailey
Mr. William L. Bailey, Jr.
Dr. Robert F. Baima
Ms. Lydia Ballentine and Dr. Rollin Ballentine
Mr. Glenn M. Banks
Mrs. Gale W. Bard
Mrs. Kathleen K. Barksdale and Mr. Lee M. Barksdale
Dr. Charles E. Barr
Mrs. Terry M. Barrett and Mr. H. Grover Barrett III
Dr. Melanie D. Haimes-Bartolf and Dr. Michael M. Bartolf
Mrs. Janet R. Baruch and Mr. Fernand Baruch, Jr.
Mrs. Catherine M. Bayliss and Mr. William D. Bayliss
Ms. Karen A. Little and Mr. Hugh A. Beard, Jr.
Dr. Diane J. Simon and Dr. Thomas H. Beatty
Mrs. Chris Bell and Mr. Frederick R. Bell
Mrs. Kasey P. Bensky and Dr. Andrew S. Bensky
Mrs. Lauri S. Berry and Mr. William T. Berry, Jr.
Ms. Caroline R. Bickford and Mr. David S. Bickford
Mrs. Anne H. Bidwell and Mr. Richard L. Bidwell
Dr. Robert W. Bigelow
Dr. Cheryl B. Billingsley and Mr. John S. Billingsley III
Mrs. Shelley G. Birnbaum and Mr. Richard S. Birnbaum
Mrs. Bonnie B. Bisoglio and Mr. Val Bisoglio
Dr. Jeff Blackburn
Ms. Nancy C. Everett and Mr. Robin J. Blandford
Ms. Cynthia H. Blanks and Mr. Edwin E. Blanks
Mrs. Kathryn H. Bliley and Mr. Norbert M. Bliley
Mrs. Mary D. Bliley and Mr. Paul S. Bliley, Jr.
Dr. Martha G. Blumenthal and Mr. Benjamin S. Blumenthal
Mrs. Mary S. Boese and Mr. Alan Boese
Mrs. Anne S. Boggs and Mr. R. Lewis Boggs
Mrs. Ellen T. Bonbright and Mr. James C. Bonbright III
Mrs. Carol Bradley and Mr. H. L. Bowie II
Mrs. Cynthia I. Bowles and Mr. Eugene G. Bowles, Jr.
Ms. Sally L. Bowring and Mr. Timothy B. Bowring
Mrs. Hylah Boyd and Mr. McGuire Boyd
Ms. Jeanne B. Bradley
Ms. Martha C. Bragg
Mrs. Lynn Bremer and Mr. Robert E. Bremer
Mrs. Joanna A. Brennan and Mr. John C. Brennan
Mrs. Edith G. Brenner
Mrs. Karen A. Britton
Dr. James B. Broadhurst
Mr. Austin Brockenbrough III
Dr. Barbara S. Brown
Mrs. Linda H. Brown and Mr. Gary R. Brown
Mrs. Emily L. Brown
Mrs. Judy S. Brown
Mrs. Carola Bruflat and Mr. Arne B. Bruflat
Mrs. Elizabeth W. Bryant and The Honorable L. Preston Bryant, Jr.
Mrs. Nancy S. Bugg and Mr. Bryce A. Bugg
Mrs. Elizabeth D. Bullock and Dr. John P. Bullock, Jr.
Mrs. Kathleen A. Burleson and Mr. Paul D. Burleson
Mrs. Andrea L. Butler and Mr. Jack A. Butler
Mrs. Sandra K. Butler and Mr. John L. Butler
Mrs. Ursula N. Butts and Mr. James A. Butts III
Ms. Susan R. Snyder and Mr. James A. Buzzard
Mrs. Lisa E. Byerly and Mr. Lee Byerly
Mrs. Daisy H. Byrd and Mr. Thomas R. Byrd
Mrs. Robin G. Cabler and Mr. Ricky D. Cabler
Mrs. Elaine B. Callahan and Mr. Pete J. Callahan
Mrs. Gail Campbell and Mr. L. Adonis Campbell
Mrs. Susan B. Campbell and Mr. Richard L. Campbell
Mrs. Caley S. Cantrell and Mr. Sean P. Cantrell
Dr. Jerry G. Caravas
Mrs. Cheryl H. Carlyon and Dr. Jason A. Carlyon
Mrs. Ann W. Carneal
Mrs. Margaret D. Carreras and Mr. James P. Carreras, Jr.
Mrs. Maria L. Carreras and Mr. James S. Carreras
Ms. Alice D. Chambliss
Mrs. Gianina I. Chappell and Mr. Kevin R. Chappell
Mr. Jeffrey A. Cherry
Mrs. Jane W. Christian and Mr. Langdon T. Christian IV
Mrs. Melissa V. Christian and Mr. Mark A. Christian
Mrs. Judith B. Clary and Mr. Robert A. Clary
Mr. Jerry W. Clary
Mrs. Bonnie G. Clatterbough and Mr. Donald E. Clatterbough
Mr. Philip A. Clayton
Mrs. Lorrie A. Coates and Mr. Mark L. Coates, Jr.
Mrs. Kenney T. Cobb and Mr. James O. Cobb
Mrs. Lisa M. Cobb and Mr. Paul G. Cobb
Dr. Carol S. Cohen and Mr. Joseph G. Borker
Mrs. Donna Colan and Mr. John G. Colan
Mrs. Virginia W. Colonna and Mr. James L. Colonna
Mrs. Cheryl F. Connell and Dr. John W. Connell
Ms. Wanda L. Cook and Mr. Emory T. Cook
Ms. Rhonda C. Corbin
Mr. Richard Lee Cornish
Ms. Phyllis L. Cothran and Dr. Arnold L. Stolberg
Mrs. Pamela L. Cottrell and Dr. Richard W. Cottrell
Mrs. Ginny Coudriet and Dr. Stephen C. Coudriet
Mrs. Cynthia C. Coughter and Mr. Peter J. Coughter, Jr.
Mrs. Catherine M. Courtney
Mrs. Carol Cousins and Dr. Linwood H. Cousins
Mr. Larry S. Covington
Dr. Deborah L. Cowles and Dr. C. W. Cowles
Dr. Elizabeth P. Cramer
Mrs. Karen A. Crawford and Mr. Glenn Crawford
Mrs. Bonnie W. Cricchi and Mr. Thomas J. Cricchi
Mrs. Elizabeth R. Cronly and Mr. John H. Cronly III
Mrs. Lynn G. Crouse and Mr. Robert A. Crouse
Dr. Richard R. Crowder
Mr. Christopher Pav Crowley
Dr. Beauty D. Crummette and Mr. George L. Crummette
Mrs. Annie F. Cullen
Mrs. Jacqueline K. Cunningham and Mr. Stephen G. Cunningham
Ms. Gwynne Cunningham and Mr. William W. Ellis
Mrs. Catherine A. Cupps and Mr. Jeffrey E. Cupps
Mrs. Donna M. Dalton and Mr. Robert C. Dalton
Mrs. Patricia W. Dame and Mr. Don R. Dame
Dr. Sharon Darby
Mrs. Jennifer S. Dauzier and Mr. Marc A. Dauzier
Ms. Deborah W. Davis and Mr. Randy G. Davis
Ms. Mary A. Dellinger-Wray
Mrs. Lois S. Denison and Mr. Larry L. Denison
Mr. Melvin R. Denton
Mrs. Jennifer C. DeRusha and Mr. William C. DeRusha
Mrs. LaVerne J. Deusebio
Mrs. Patricia Dewey and Dr. William L. Dewey
Mrs. Denise P. Dickerson and Mr. Tyrone E. Dickerson
Dr. Donna J. Dockery
Mrs. Kathy S. Dodge and Mr. James H. Dodge, Jr.
Ms. Patricia Wagner Dodson
Dr. James F. Dollar
Mr. Lynn Aaron Doss
Mr. D. Thomas Doub
Dr. Bonnie B. Dowdy and Dr. Melvin D. Dowdy
Ms. Carol L. Hampton and Dr. Robert W. Downs, Jr.
Mrs. Margaret H. Downs and Dr. David H. Downs
Dr. Therese A. Dozier and Mr. Mark T. Dozier
Ms. Jo Anne W. Draucker
Dr. Sayward E. Duggan and Mr. Andrew R. Duggan
Mrs. Laurel A. Dulaney and Mr. Albert R. DuLaney
Dr. Leo J. Dunn
Mrs. Sally E. Dunn and Mr. James W. Dunn
Mrs. Nancy K. Durrett and Mr. Joseph R. Durrett, Jr.
Mrs. D'Anne Early and Mr. Taylor W. Early
Dr. Steven Eggleston
Mrs. Martine S. Eisenberg and Mr. Stuart S. Eisenberg
Mrs. Anne L. Eisenhardt and Dr. Peter W. Eisenhardt
Mrs. Bonnie S. Eisenman and Mr. Marx Eisenman, Jr.
Dr. Gina D. Engel and Mr. Christopher J. Engel
Mrs. Marilyn K. Ennis and Mr. Stephen E. Ennis
Mrs. Ann O. Epps
Mrs. Rosalie H. Eshleman and Dr. J. Robert Eshleman
Mr. William D. Etheridge
Ms. Mone' G. Everett
Mrs. Jane B. Fain and Mr. John W. Fain
Mrs. Ashley H. Farley and Mr. Edward M. Farley IV
Dr. Germaine S. Fauntleroy
Mrs. Jane B. Ferguson
Mrs. Julie A. Ferry and Dr. David R. Ferry
Mrs. Neda G. Finney and Mr. James R. Finney
Mr. John O. Fisher
Mrs. Judy M. Fiske and Mr. Eric K. Fiske
Ms. Christine A. Fitzgerald
Mrs. Lisa L. Forte and Dr. Steven G. Forte
Mrs. Mary Fowlkes and Mr. Richard W. Fowlkes II
Mr. Michael Warren Francis
Mrs. Andrea T. Frazer and Mr. J. Randolph Frazer
Mr. Thomas M. Frazier
Mrs. Ann Terry G. Fridley and Mr. Harrison L. Fridley, Jr.
Mrs. Marilyn A. Friga
Mrs. Theresa G. Fugate and Mr. James K. Fugate, Jr.
Mrs. Patsy G. Fulk and Mr. Richard E. Fulk
Mrs. Virginia D. Galli and Mr. William J. Galli
Dr. Daniel J. Gardiner
Ms. Elizabeth A. Gardiner
Mrs. Sharon B. Garnett and Mr. George M. Garnett
Mrs. Mary A. Garnett and Dr. William R. Garnett
Mrs. Bonnie H. Garretson and Mr. Harry D. Garretson
Mrs. Cornelia W. Garrett
Mrs. Kathleen M. Garstka and Mr. Ronald M. Garstka
Mr. Robert A. Gary IV
Mrs. Marilyn I. Geiszler and Mr. Willard A. Geiszler, Jr.
Mrs. Ellen R. Gerszten and Dr. Enrique Gerszten
Mrs. Deborah S. Gibbs and Mr. T. Randolph Gibbs
Dr. Shirley R. Gibson
Mrs. Key Giles and Mr. Marvin M. Giles III
Dr. Donna L. Gilles
Mrs. Nadine M. Gilmore and Mr. Richard H. Gilmore, Jr.
Mrs. Frances F. Goldman and Mr. A. Lawrence Goldman
Mrs. Jaime S. Gordon and Mr. Blake E. Gordon
Mrs. Kelly J. Gotschalk and Mr. Ricky Craft
Dr. Kelly J. Gottschalk and Dr. Mark J. Gottschalk
Mrs. Nancy H. Gottwald and Mr. Bruce C. Gottwald, Sr.
Mrs. Margaret N. Gottwald and Mr. John D. Gottwald
Mrs. Ann Parker H. Gottwald and Mr. Thomas E. Gottwald
Mrs. Suzanne H. Grandis
Mrs. Frederica P. Gray and Mr. Lawrence L. Gray
Ms. Gloria E. Green
Mrs. Margaret L. Green and Dr. Barry L. Green
Mrs. Tina K. Greene and Mr. Matthew W. Greene
Mrs. Ann P. Greenway and Dr. Ralph N. Greenway
Ms. Suellen Korn Gregory
Mrs. Sherrie Griffin and Mr. D. Courtney Griffin
Mrs. Dianne R. Grim and Mr. Michael B. Grim
Mrs. Carolyn D. Grinnan and Mr. Daniel Grinnan, Jr.
Ms. Andrea D. Groat and Mr. Glen A. Groat
Mrs. Valerie L. Gross and Mr. Kenneth P. Gross II
Ms. Debra B. Bernard and Mr. Richard F. Grosse
Mrs. Mary B. Gruemer
Ms. Mary Ann F. Hager and Mr. John M. Hager
Ms. Suzanne Hall and Mr. Joseph G. Willis
Mr. John Hall
Ms. Corinne R. Hall and Mr. Verlan R. Hall, Jr.
Mrs. Kim K. Hall and Mr. R. Scott Hall
Mrs. Anne F. Halladay
Dr. Sybil C. Halloran and Mr. Christopher A. Hicks
Mrs. Lindsay G. Halsey and Mr. Brenton S. Halsey
Ms. Corell Halsey-Moore and Mr. Thurston R. Moore
Mrs. Laura H. Hamilton and Mr. Bernard Hamilton
Ms. Jane U. Hamilton and Mr. Stephen J. O'Brien III
Mrs. Bonny D. Hamrick and Dr. Richard M. Hamrick III
Mrs. Vicki S. Hanner and Mr. William J. Hanner, Sr.
Mrs. Linda Hanson and Mr. Theodore S. Hanson
Mrs. Anne H. Hardage
Mrs. Eva S. Hardy and Mr. Patrick M. Hardy
Ms. Jeanine L. Harper and Mr. Michael Maruca
Mrs. Barbara Harrell and Dr. James A. Harrell, Jr.
Mrs. Terrell L. Harrigan and Mr. Elliott M. Harrigan
Mrs. Gail K. Harrington and Dr. Stephen G. Harrington
Dr. Anjour B. Harris and Mr. Victor M. Harris, Sr.
Mrs. Marybelle O. Harrison
Dr. Brian C. Harsha
Mrs. Pamela J. Harvey and Mr. Mark B. Harvey
Mrs. Virginia W. Harvey and Mr. Stephen C. Harvey
Mrs. Susan B. Hastings and Mr. William S. Hastings, Jr.
Ms. Robin M. Hasty
Maj. Claudia S. Vester-Hawthorne and Col. Raymond S. Hawthorne
Dr. Janet K. Herr
Mrs. Lynda M. Hightower and Mr. J. Keith Hightower
Ms. Patricia M. Hill and Mr. Jon B. Hill II
Mrs. Gloria M. Hintz
Ms. Linda D. Hobbs
Mrs. Vandivere P. Hodges and Mr. John H. Hodges
Mrs. Dixie E. Hoggan and Mr. John C. Hoggan, Jr.
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Holloway and Mr. Thomas L. Holloway
Mrs. Jean P. Holman and Mr. David O. Holman
Dr. Wei H. Hou and Mr. Peter W. Hou
Mr. Michael W. Housden
Mrs. Rebecca M. Hudson and Mr. W. Thomas Hudson
Mr. Gary D. Hudson
Mrs. Jennifer A. Huffman and Dr. Michael C. Huffman
Ms. James A. Hunter
Mrs. Sarah S. Hurst and Mr. Basil L. Hurst III
Mrs. Mary B. Hurt and Mr. Ira Hurt, Jr.
Dr. Joyce F. Hurt and Mr. Wallace B. Hurt
Mrs. Dianna L. Hurtado and Mr. Arthur D. Hurtado
Ms. Adrienne E. Irigaray and Mr. Marcos F. Irigaray
Ms. Sharon L. Jahn and Mr. Jeffrey K. Jahn
Ms. Judith A. Jamison and Dr. Russell D. Jamison
Mrs. Mary Anne C. Jefferson and Mr. Thomas Jefferson III
Mrs. Susan Jenkins and Mr. James L. Jenkins, Jr.
Mrs. Aleta G. Jenkins and Dr. Jerry L. Jenkins
Mrs. Virginia H. Jett and Mr. Jimmie M. Jett
Mrs. Cindy A. Jez and Mr. Paul P. Jez
Mr. Chris A. Johnson and Ms. Meghan E. Johnson
Mr. Dennis P. Johnson
Mrs. Gayle T. Johnson and Mr. Wayne C. Johnson
Mr. Magnus H. Johnsson
Mr. Robert S. Jones
Ms. Lanette M. Jones
Mrs. Vicki W. Jones and Mr. Brian D. Jones
Ms. Rejena G. Carreras and The Honorable Thomas O. Jones
Mrs. Laura H. Jones and Mr. Christopher R. Jones
Ms. Genet A. Neguse and Mr. Steven R. Jones
Capt. Pauline R. Jones-Tate and The Reverend Robert B. Tate
Mrs. Donna R. Jordan and Mr. Stephen L. Jordan
Dr. Jacquelyn S. Joyner and Dr. William H. Joyner
Mrs. Lori W. Kaczmarek and Mr. Thomas G. Kaczmarek
Dr. Dale C. Kalkofen
Dr. Claire C. Kaugars
Mrs. Jane T. Keller and Mr. Edwin C. Keller
Mrs. Charleyne L. Kelley
Mr. John J. Kelly
Mrs. Norma S. Kempton and Mr. Mark L. Kempton
Mrs. Alexis B. Kennett and Dr. Fred F. Kennett
Ms. Katherine A. Keogh
Mrs. Leslie L. Kerxton and Mr. Alan S. Kerxton
Mrs. Sharon P. Kessinger and Mr. Steven B. Kessinger
Dr. Karen L. Killeen and Mr. Sean E. Killeen
Dr. Mary E. Gianos and Dr. Wayne M. Kleinman
Mrs. Chandler T. Klevana and Mr. Leighton Klevana
Mrs. Betty J. Knaub
Mrs. Betty B. Knudson and Mr. Donald B. Knudson, Jr.
Mrs. Ann R. Kofsky and Mr. Irving L. Kofsky
Mrs. Edwina S. Koontz and Dr. Warren W. Koontz, Jr.
Mrs. Lelia C. Koplin
Mrs. Hunter F. Kornblau and Mr. Bryan E. Kornblau
Dr. Pamela J. Kovacs and Mr. David J. Kovacs
Ms. Patricia L. Bragaw and Mr. Charles H. Kramer
Mrs. Rhonda G. Kregel and Dr. John J. Kregel
Mrs. Elinor M. Kuhn and Mr. Frank R. Kuhn
Mrs. Linda Kuzel and Dr. Anton J. Kuzel
Dr. Panelpha L. Kyler
Mrs. Sharon N. Ladd and Mr. Allen H. Ladd, Jr.
Mrs. Mary G. Lane and Mr. Edward E. Lane, Jr.
Ms. Jean W. Lane
Dr. Sharon K. Lanning
Ms. Rosemary B. LaVista and Dr. Daniel J. LaVista
Dr. Ibironke O. Lawal and Dr. Babatunde Lawal
Mrs. Ann P. Lawrence and Dr. Paul R. Lawrence
Mr. Michael Layell
Ms. Maridel B. Lee and M. Sgt. Jesse Lee, Jr.
Dr. Darryl L. Lefcoe and Mr. Alan S. Friedman
Mrs. Terri M. Lehman and Mr. Gregory T. Lehman
Ms. Donielda V. Tripp-Leino and Mr. John S. Leino
Mrs. Laura A. Lemza and Dr. John W. Lemza
Mrs. Carolyn S. Leonard and Dr. Thomas W. Leonard
Mrs. Pamela D. Lepley and Mr. Eugene Lepley, Jr.
Mrs. Gail L. Letts and Mr. Richard S. Letts
Mrs. Ellen Leverich
Mrs. Patricia S. Lewis and Mr. Richard W. Lewis
Mrs. Marci B. Linas and Dr. Steven A. Linas
Mrs. Jacquelyn S. Lindsey
Mrs. Ginny A. Little and Mr. Larry D. Little
Mrs. Dianne W. Long and Mr. Charles J. Long, Jr.
Mrs. Nancy B. Lott and Mr. Michael B. Lott
Mrs. Rebecca Loupassi and The Honorable G. Manoli Loupassi
Mr. Joseph H. Lowenthal, Jr.
Mrs. True F. Luck and Mr. Charles S. Luck III
Mrs. Kathleen A. Luke and Mr. John A. Luke, Jr.
Dr. Velimir A. C. Luketic
Ms. Catherine A. Macdonald and Mr. John E. Ulmschneider
Mrs. Thelma A. Mack and Mr. Joe L. Mack
Dr. Heather H. Madison and Mr. Mark A. Madison
Ms. Theresa M. Mahon
Mrs. Marian G. Mahon
Mr. Samuel Andrew Markel II
Mrs. Norma C. Marrin and Mr. Bernard A. Marrin
Mrs. Jo Ann C. Marshall and Dr. Larry R. Marshall
Dr. Amy K. Marshall and Mr. Brian T. Marshall
Mrs. Phyllis Marshall and Mr. Robert T. Marshall, Jr.
Mrs. Deborah L. Martin and Mr. Linwood D. Martin
Mrs. Betty R. Martin and Mr. Darrell D. Martin
Mrs. Ellen Masica and Dr. Daniel N. Masica
Mrs. Jacqueline Mason and Mr. Hatley N. Mason III
Ms. Mary-Ball Massey
Mr. Robert L. Maughan
Mr. David H. Mawyer
Mrs. Valerie B. McCarthy and Mr. Michael S. McCarthy
Mrs. Lauren L. McClellan and Mr. Robert E. McClellan
Dr. Carolyn W. McCrocklin and Mr. Robert W. McCrocklin
Mrs. Arranna C. McDowell
Mrs. Carter D. McDowell and Dr. Charles L. McDowell
Mrs. Kim C. McFadden and Dr. Owen C. McFadden
Mrs. Brenda B. McGehee
Ms. Betts W. McGurn and Mr. Arthur S. McGurn
Mrs. Susan S. McLane and Mr. Stephen B. McLane
Ms. Cynthia H. McMullen
Mrs. Kimberly R. McNamara and Mr. Paul D. McNamara
Ms. Jill G. Meador
Dr. Victoria S. Menzies
Dr. Frances A. Meyer and Mr. Stephen L. Meyer
Mrs. Thelma P. Miller and Mr. Ronald E. Miller
Mrs. Rene H. Miller and Mr. Michael G. Miller
Dr. Benita A. Miller and Dr. Michael E. Miller
Ms. Nancy C. Millett
Mr. Howard W. Minor, Jr.
Mrs. Patricia H. Mirr
Dr. Heidi A. Herbst and Dr. Howard M. Mitnick, Jr.
Mrs. Marlene Mizell and Mr. Robert F. Mizell
Mr. Thomas D. Modena
Mrs. Barbara Moore and Mr. Billy L. Moore
Mrs. Elizabeth G. Moore and Mr. William S. Moore
Mrs. Elizabeth Q. Moore and Mr. James T. Moore III
Ms. Kathy D. Parker-Moore and Mr. Ronald K. Moore
Mrs. Mary H. Morgan and The Honorable Harvey B. Morgan
Mrs. Jean B. Morgan and Mr. Stuart K. Morgan, Jr.
Mr. Joseph F. Morrissette
Dr. Gail D. Moskowitz and Dr. William B. Moskowitz
Dr. Barbara A. Munjas
Mr. James A. Murphy
Mrs. Sherrie N. Murphy and Mr. Robert D. Murphy
Mrs. Marjorie A. Muth and Dr. William R. Muth
Mrs. Gloria M. Myers and Mr. Edward J. Myers
Dr. Lakshmana D. Narla and Dr. Shireesha Narla
Ms. Patricia C. Neblett
Mr. Todd D. Nester
Mr. Brian J. Nevetral
Mrs. Christine M. Newsham and Mr. Scott A. Newsham
Mrs. Jo Ann R. Nicholson and Mr. William S. Nicholson
Mrs. Patricia Nobbee and Mr. Wazir Nobbee
Jason G. Noble, M.D.
Mrs. Barbara L. Norton and Mr. David A. Norton
Mr. Daniel R. Norvell
Mrs. Jane Nott and Mr. P. Bradley Nott, Jr.
Ms. Kathryn Gray and Mr. Alexander L. Nyerges
Mrs. Pamela T. Oaklander and Mr. Andrew J. Oaklander
Mrs. Nancy A. O'Donnell
Ms. Kathryn A. O'Hara and Mr. Kevin F. O'Hara
Mrs. Amy O'Keefe and Mr. William F. O'Keefe
Mrs. Sandra Osborne and Mr. Jerry W. Osborne
Ms. Erin O'Toole-Lyon and Mr. Andrew W. Lyon
Dr. Myra G. Owens
Mrs. Jennifer B. Papenfuse and Mr. Travis Papenfuse
Mrs. Robin R. Partin and Mr. Richard N. Partin
Mrs. Helen K. Patterson and Mr. Mark W. Patterson
Mr. Richard Allen Patterson
Ms. Barbara Payton
Ms. Jane W. Pearson
Mrs. Laura C. Peay and Mr. Darryl S. Peay
Ms. Karen F. Wawrzyn and Dr. Edward H. Peeples, Jr.
Dr. Barbara L. Peery and Dr. John S. Peery
Mrs. Fay N. Peery and Mr. Bryan F. Peery
Ms. Merryll S. Penson
Ms. Brenda Peregoy
Mrs. Denise M. Perlman and Mr. Benjamin S. Perlman
Mrs. Margaret T. Peters and Mr. John O. Peters
Mrs. Frances T. Peterson and Dr. T. Mark Peterson
Mrs. Elizabeth Phares and Mr. Jonathan J. Phares
Mrs. Lou Ann Phillips and Dr. Larkin C. Phillips
Mrs. Marsha V. Phillips and Mr. Charles F. Phillips III
Mrs. Sharon L. Phillips and Mr. Baxter F. Phillips, Jr.
Mrs. Ann H. Phlegar and Mr. James S. Phlegar, Jr.
Mr. Robert E. Pickett
Dr. Heidi L. Braun and Mr. Alan J. Pietruszkiewicz
Mrs. Nancy R. Pinkston and Mr. Theo Pinkston, Jr.
Mr. Justin L. Poklis
Mrs. Carol J. Pollock and Mr. James A. Pollock
Mrs. Karen E. Poole and Mr. William D. Poole
Mrs. Lorenna Porter and Mr. Jon M. Porter
Mrs. Cicely M. Powell and Mr. Kenneth E. Powell
Mrs. Ida D. Price and Mr. Richard W. Price
Mrs. Mindy L. Pritchett and Mr. Paul E. Pritchett
Mrs. Teri C. Pruitt and Mr. Thomas E. Pruitt
Mrs. Mary J. Puccinelli and Mr. O. Ralph Puccinelli, Jr.
Ms. K. Paulette Roberts-Pullen and Mr. John N. Pullen
Mrs. Melia I. Pustilnik and Mr. Robert A. Pustilnik
Mrs. Julia L. Putney-Brandt and Mr. W. G. Brandt
Mrs. Nell C. Ragland and Mr. Otho C. Ragland, Jr.
Mrs. Diane P. Ransone and Mr. Gerald W. Ransone
Mr. Raymond C. Ratcliffe Jr.
Mrs. June P. Rayfield and Mr. Charles W. Rayfield
Mrs. Wendy B. Reardon and Col. Robert H. Reardon, Jr.
Mrs. Jeannette Reiter and Dr. Evan R. Reiter
Mrs. Anne R. Reveley and Mr. Everett Reveley
Mrs. Patricia B. Revere and Dr. James H. Revere, Jr.
Mrs. Ann Reynolds and Dr. J. Marvin Reynolds
Mrs. Rina M. Reynolds and Mr. Henry E. Reynolds III
Mrs. Margaret Y. Reynolds and Mr. Julian S. Reynolds, Jr.
Mrs. Linda L. Rhodes and Mr. Marvin D. Rhodes
Ms. Jennifer Rice and Mr. William K. Lamp
Ms. Roberta R. Rice
Mrs. Phyllis D. Rivera and Mr. Fernando Rivera
Ms. Robin T. Roberts
Mrs. Jacqueline V. Rorrer and Mr. Thomas W. Rorrer, Jr.
Mrs. Amy E. Rose and Dr. Samuel R. Rose II
Mrs. Linda H. Rose and Mr. David P. Rose
Mrs. Carrie C. Roth and Mr. Douglas M. Roth
Dr. Pamela K. Royall and Mr. William A. Royall, Jr.
Mrs. Donna H. Rubis and Dr. Earl J. Rubis
Mrs. Anne-Marie E. Saarie and Mr. Thomas L. Saarie
Mrs. Emily J. Salmon and Mr. John S. Salmon
Mrs. Patricia G. Sankey and Mr. John A. Sankey III
Mrs. Jackie L. Sapp and Mr. John M. Sapp
Mr. Felix Sarfo-Kantanka, Jr.
Mrs. Rebecca B. Satterfield and Mr. Charles C. Satterfield
Mrs. Patricia T. Sauer and Mr. Conrad F. Sauer IV
Mrs. Laura Leigh N. Savage and Mr. G. Jacob Savage III
Dr. Patricia E. Bell and Dr. Jeffery L. Schul
Ms. Patricia K. Schultz
Mrs. Gail M. Schweickert and Mr. Reed Schweickert
Mrs. Deborah I. Scott and Mr. George L. Scott
Mrs. Joan Scott and Mr. Richard M. Scott
Mrs. Betty G. Seidenberg and Mr. Mark T. Seidenberg
Mrs. Melanie I. Seiler and Mr. Robert Seiler
Mrs. Suzanne Seipel and Mr. Joseph H. Seipel
Dr. Katie E. Underhill and Mr. Bradley N. Seitz
Mrs. Jane W. Sellers and Mr. W. David Sellers
Mrs. Dorine G. Sharp
Ms. Virginia Ann Sharpe
Ms. Deborah G. Shelton and Mr. William H. Shelton, Jr.
Dr. Kathleen A. Shiel
Mrs. Brenda H. Shimchick and Mr. Frank J. Shimchick, Jr.
Mrs. Megan K. Shrestha and Mr. Gaurav J. Shrestha
Mrs. Phyllis Silverman and Dr. Joel J. Silverman
Mrs. Sandra D. Sizemore
Mrs. Gisele P. Slone and Mr. Stephen A. Slone
Mr. Ray Smith
Mrs. Jane L. Smith and Mr. Eugene R. Smith, Jr.
Ms. Sharon S. Smith
Mrs. Gail K. Smith and Mr. R. Craig Smith
Mrs. Katherine A. Smith and Mr. Randall S. Smith
Mrs. Sherry R. Smith and Mr. Stephen K. Smith, Jr.
Mrs. Mary J. Snedegar
Mr. Leonard H. Snipes
Mrs. Dana M. Souser and Mr. Richard B. Souser, Jr.
Mrs. Penny L. Speidel and Mr. Joseph E. Speidel
Ms. Tricia Spinner
Mrs. Lelia B. Spitzer and Mr. Kirk E. Spitzer
Mrs. Constance Sprague and Mr. Frank J. Sprague
Mrs. Laura S. Spratley and Mr. C. Vernon Spratley III
Mrs. Sinoun S. Staples and Mr. Robbie W. Staples III
Mrs. Susan H. Steadman and Dr. Robert B. Steadman
Ms. Mary Ann A. Steiner and Mr. Richard H. Steiner
Ms. Amy M. Stephens
Mrs. Pamela M. Stevenson
Mrs. Jodi Strange and Mr. Allan H. Strange
Mrs. Catherine B. Strauss and Dr. Jerome F. Strauss III
Mrs. J. Randall Street
Mrs. Kathy S. Surbaugh and Mr. Gregory D. Surbaugh
Mrs. Karen C. Szoke and Dr. Edward E. Szoke
Mr. Robert L. Tabb
Ms. Helen D. Tames
Mrs. Harriet A. Tart and Mr. Marvin R. Tart, Sr.
Mrs. Susan M. Tatu and Dr. William J. Tatu, Jr.
Mr. John T. Tatum, Jr.
Mrs. Lisa L. Taylor and Mr. James B. Taylor
Mrs. Mary G. Taylor and Mr. Ernest R. Taylor III
Mrs. Jan B. Taylor and Mr. McKinney Taylor
Mrs. Sue C. Taylor
Mr. Charles Douglas Taylor
Prof. Colleen A. Thoma and Mr. Mike Thoma
Ms. Kimberlynn J. Kleasen and Mr. Glenn S. Thomas
Ms. Karen L. Thomas and Mr. Roy W. Weeks
Mrs. Stella U. Thompson and Mr. W. Wardlaw Thompson, Jr.
Ms. Connie L. Thompson-Bodkin and Mr. Terry Bodkin
Mrs. Virginia L. Thornton and Dr. William N. Thornton III
Mrs. Judith L. Tinker and Mr. George F. Tinker
Mrs. Sherilyn I. Titus and Dr. C. Kent Titus
Mrs. Burlette C. Trent
Ms. Eileen Truax
Mrs. Bonnie D. Turnage and Dr. James N. Turnage
Mrs. Mary S. Turnage and Mr. Walter L. Turnage
Mrs. Esther R. Tyler and Mr. Norman E. Tyler
Mrs. Lowell S. Ukrop and Mr. R. Scott Ukrop
Mrs. Sandra Z. Ullman and Mr. Stanley H. Ullman
Mrs. Margaret I. Valentine and Mr. E. Massie Valentine, Jr.
Mrs. Deborah H. Valentine and Mr. Thomas B. Valentine
Ms. Antonia Fd F. Vassar and Mr. Jonathan C. Vassar
Mrs. Verna J. Vaul and Dr. Robert A. Vaul, Jr.
Mrs. Diana F. Voda and Mr. Walter D. Voda
Mrs. Donna L. Wade and Mr. Thomas H. Wade
Mrs. Angela L. Waite and Mr. Christopher W. Waite, Jr.
Mrs. Roslyn S. Walker and Mr. Thomas B. Walker
Mrs. Deborah L. Walker and Mr. Alan L. Walker
Thomas A. Wallace, LCSW
Mrs. Linda M. Warren and The Honorable Arthur S. Warren
Ms. Mallie L. Washington
Mrs. Dale B. Waters and Mr. Kenneth C. Waters
Mrs. Alicia M. Watkins and Mr. Gary C. Watkins
Ms. Ann B. Watson
Mrs. Kimberly E. Watson and Mr. Jonathan D. Watson
Mrs. Luitgard H. Webb and Mr. John W. Webb
Mrs. Carolyn W. Webb and Dr. Leslie S. Webb, Jr.
Mrs. Anne H. Weber and Mr. Robert E. Weber
Mrs. Lelia P. Wehman and Dr. Paul H. Wehman
Mrs. Betty Weissbecker
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Welch and Mr. Peter F. Welch
Mrs. Joanne K. Wellford
Mrs. Claudia Guyton Wells
Mrs. Terri F. Wentz
Mrs. Jo G. Wenzel and Dr. Richard P. Wenzel
Mrs. Cabell G. West and Mr. John T. West IV
Mrs. JoAnn H. Whalen and Mr. Douglas R. Whalen
Mrs. Sandra Wheless and Dr. John R. Wheless III
Mrs. Vicki G. White and Mr. Eric D. White
Mrs. Linda J. White and Mr. John S. White, Jr.
Anne Marie M. Whittemore Esq.
Mr. Matthew K. Wiggins
Mrs. Mary Jo Wigglesworth and Mr. Haywood A. Wigglesworth
Ms. Patricia A. Wilkerson and Mr. William A. Wilkerson, Jr.
Mrs. Susan S. Williams and Mr. Ronald A. Williams
Mr. Jack N. Williams
Mrs. Helen B. Williams and Dr. Robert B. Williams
Ms. Janet F. Brown and Mr. Thomas W. Williamson, Jr.
Mrs. Robin Willingham and Mr. Keith Willingham
Julie M. Winkle, M.D.
Mrs. Cheryl S. Winkler and Dr. Mark A. Winkler
Mrs. Linda J. Winslow and Mr. James B. Winslow
Ms. Mary M. Wood and Mr. Vincent A. Wood III
Mr. L. Victor Woodson, Jr.
Ms. Sherry A. Wortman and Dr. Gregg D. Weinberg
Mrs. Elise H. Wright and Mr. Wesley Wright, Jr.
Mrs. Dona M. Wright and Mr. Harold A. Wright
Mrs. Margaret F. Wright
Mrs. Bobbie P. Wright and Mr. Johnny C. Wright
Mr. R. Kiel Wright
Mrs. E. Allison Wright and Mr. Watson H. Wright
Mrs. Bonita M. Wyatt and Mr. Alvah L. Wyatt
Mrs. Lorna M. Wyckoff and Mr. Randolph W. Wyckoff
Mrs. Beverly C. Wynn and Mr. Ollie S. Wynn
Mrs. Sandra S. Wynne and Mr. Robert L. Wynne
Mrs. Helen B. Zuelzer and Dr. Wilhelm A. Zuelzer

Mrs. Christina S. Abbey and Dr. Louis M. Abbey
Ms. Heidi W. Abbott and Mr. William L. Abbott
Mr. Robert F. Abernathy
Dr. George Z. Aberth
Mrs. Marsha R. Abraham and Mr. Alan S. Abraham
Mrs. Shirley C. Aceto
Ms. Sharon Acquah
Ms. Amy J. Wallace and Mr. David C. Acree
Dr. Michael P. Adams
Mrs. Lara G. Addison and Mr. Thomas W. Addison
Mrs. Olateju Adeyiga and Dr. Adedoyin M. Adeyiga
Mr. Alan W. Adkins
Mrs. Eunice J. Adkins and Mr. Stephen R. Adkins, Sr.
Mr. Robert J. Agnew
Ms. Catheryn A. Denton and Dr. Peter H. Aiken
Ms. Chelsea A. Aiken
Mrs. Teresa D. Akers and Mr. Roger Akers
Mrs. Katherine G. Alcaine and Dr. Jose G. Alcaine
Ms. Helen F. Inconstanti-Alexander and Dr. John M. Alexander
Ms. Rebecca C. Kunz and Mr. Joshua D. Alford
Ms. Mary H. Allen
Mr. Christopher M. Allen
Dr. Avis K. Allen
Mrs. Edith M. Allin and Mr. Thomas Allin
Mrs. Patricia M. Almond
Dr. Diana M. Almy
Mrs. Regina Alouf and Dr. Stephen B. Alouf
Mr. Derek S. Altizer
Mrs. Jodi M. Altman and Mr. Alfred K. Altman
Mr. Kyle S. Amey
Ms. Margaret W. Anders
Mrs. Phyllis E. Anderson and Mr. Edward W. Anderson
Mrs. Virginia H. Anderson and Mr. Paul Anderson
Mrs. Mary F. Anderson
Mrs. Margaux K. Anderson and Dr. Ralph H. Anderson
Ms. Eurvenia T. Anderson
Dr. David J. Anderson
Mrs. Brenda W. Anderson and Mr. Michael G. Anderson
Mrs. Barbara J. Anderson and Dr. Gene H. Anderson
Mrs. Cathryn F. Andrews and Mr. Briggs W. Andrews
Dr. Meredith H. Anthony and Mr. Jacob L. Anthony
Mrs. Hilary V. Archibald and Mr. David P. Archibald
Ms. Rachel M. Arenstein
Mrs. Jane H. Armfield
Mrs. Delores D. Armstrong
Mrs. Lillie H. Arnaout
Mr. Rodney J. Ashby
Mr. Alan H. Ashworth
Mrs. Ruth R. Atkinson and Mr. Harry W. Atkinson, Jr.
Mrs. Anne Warren and Mr. Stephen S. Auditore
Mr. John L. Auferoth
Mrs. Patricia Austin and Mr. Dale E. Austin
Mrs. Beth S. Austin and Mr. Jeffrey L. Austin
Mr. J. Mason Ayers
Mrs. Debra B. Ayers and Mr. Chris V. Ayers
Ms. Debra Babarsky
Mrs. Monalisa Bagby and Mr. David E. Bagby, Jr.
Mrs. Vivian H. Bagby
Mr. Sam Baggarly
Mrs. Cynthia T. Bagley and Mr. Richard M. Bagley, Jr.
Dr. Sheryl D. Bailey
Mr. William J. Bailey
Mrs. Mildred G. Bailey and Mr. William E. Bailey
Mr. Jon C. Baker
Mrs. Alice H. Baker
Ms. Betty B. Baker
Dr. Kathy M. Baker and Mr. Timothy J. Baker
Ms. Sharon R. Baldacci and Mr. Randall W. Smith
Dr. Sheryl D. Baldwin
Dr. Tyler E. Ball
Ms. Asha Bandal
Ms. Julianne H. Suder and Mr. Thomas N. Bannard
Mrs. Jung Baranker and Dr. Howard J. Baranker
Mr. Benjamin W. Barbro
Mrs. Sandra T. Barkley and Mr. Samuel R. Barkley
Mrs. Cory Barlow and Mr. David Barlow
Mrs. Sherry B. Barnes and Mr. Curtis G. Barnes
Ms. Elizabeth R. Barnes
Ms. Coral Diaz and Dr. Robert F. Barnes, Jr.
Dr. Jennifer Whitten Barnes
Mr. Clark R. Barrett
Mrs. Dawn W. Barry and Mr. Philip Barry, Jr.
Mrs. Paige F. Bartholomew and Mr. John Bartholomew
Mr. Charles W. Bartlett, Jr.
Mrs. Wanda H. Bass and Mr. Robert G. Bass, Jr.
Mrs. Suzanne M. Bates and Dr. Richard W. Bates
Ms. Margaret Bates
Mrs. Jane G. Bateson and Mr. Steven R. Bateson
Ms. Karla F. Batten and Mr. Robert L. Batten
Mrs. Carolyn E. Baugher and Mr. William T. Baugher
Mrs. Marie D. Baughman
Mrs. Amanda T. Baxter and Mr. Donald A. Baxter
Ms. Pauline E. Bayer-Lally
Ms. Dinelle R. Beach
Mrs. Genevieve Beaird
Ms. Sonda C. Beale
Ms. Barbara J. Beam
Mrs. Christine Bear and Dr. Harry D. Bear
Mrs. Patrice A. Beard and Mr. David A. Beard
Mrs. Michaela R. Bearden and Mr. Carter E. Bearden III
Ms. Patricia S. Beasley
Mrs. Jane R. Beaver
Ms. Melanie B. Becker
Mrs. Elizabeth W. Becker and Mr. Frank J. Becker
Mrs. Pamela B. Beckner and Mr. John O. Beckner
Mr. Jon P. Beckner
Mrs. Lee B. Bedell and Mr. Dickson J. Bedell
Mrs. Elizabeth H. Belcher and Mr. James R. Belcher, Jr.
Ms. Mary B. Bellone
Mrs. Michelle A. Beltrami and Dr. Marco A. Beltrami
Mrs. Tara H. Bennett and Mr. Philip H. Bennett
Mrs. Karen A. Bennett and Dr. William J. Bennett
Mrs. Cammeron B. Bennett and Mr. Charles F. Bennett II
Mrs. Jean Benson and Mr. Edmund L. Benson III
Mrs. Christine Berdish and Mr. David M. Berdish
Mr. Jeffrey F. Berger
Mrs. Mary Kate C. Berglund and Dr. John F. Berglund
Dr. Katie B. Berkelhammer-Heald
Ms. Patricia B. Bernal
Mrs. Susan B. Bernhard and Mr. Rand Bernhard
Mrs. Olivia H. Bernhardt and Dr. James I. Bernhardt
Mrs. Colleen C. Berninger and Mr. Jack L. Berninger
Ms. Renee I. Bernstein
Mrs. Tawanna C. Berry and Dr. Rodney L. Berry
Ms. Shayla E. Betts
Mrs. Jean F. Betts and Dr. Martin F. Betts
Mrs. Darlene A. Beverly
Mr. William O. Beville
Mr. Jian Bi
Dr. Marilyn A. Biggerstaff
Ms. Eris S. Bill
Mrs. Charlene M. Bing and Mr. Steven Bing
Mrs. Betsy W. Binswanger and Mr. Millard I. Binswanger, Jr.
Ms. Laura Birdsey
Mr. Henry R. Bireline
Mrs. Carole L. Bishop and Mr. Robert T. Bishop
Ms. Donna L. Street and Dr. Ashton C. Bishop, Jr.
Ms. Florence C. Bishop
Mr. William B. Black
Mrs. Anne D. Blair and Dr. E. Dean Blair
Mrs. Mary K. Blair and Mr. Richard E. Blair
Mrs. Victoria M. Blankenship and Mr. David W. Blankenship
Ms. Karmalita Bawar and Mr. Curt B. Blankenship
Mrs. Cynthia L. Blankenship and Mr. James W. Blankenship III
Ms. Juli Blanton and Mr. Michael F. Mooney
Mrs. Victoria M. Bleick and Dr. Charles F. Bleick, Jr.
Mrs. Leann Blem and Dr. Charles R. Blem
Mr. Charles Bliley, Jr.
Ms. Katie M. Blosser
Mrs. Gini A. Blostein-Wolf and Mr. Franklin Wolf
Mrs. Patricia K. Bloxom and The Honorable Robert S. Bloxom, Sr.
Mr. Stephen Blue
Ms. Mary Lee Boesewetter
Dr. Vincent Bernard Bogan
Mr. Chris Boggs
Mrs. June F. Bohrer and Mr. Richard C. Bohrer
Mr. Richard C. Bohrer
Mrs. June F. Bohrer
Mr. J. Ernest Bolling
Ms. Deborah R. Bolling
Mrs. Page W. Bond and Mr. Sanford W. Bond
Ms. Yolanda M. Booker
Mrs. Niretta G. Booker
John R. Boothby, MSW
Mrs. Alexina M. Borkey and Mr. Dennis S. Borkey
Ms. Janet L. Cook and Dean L. Franklin Bost
Mrs. Marsha D. Bost and Mr. Willie M. Bost
Mrs. Mary J. Bostick and Mr. James S. Bostick
Ms. Nancy C. Boutchyard
Dr. Emily Kate Bowen
Ms. Cara Bowen
Mrs. Melissa S. Bowen-Rees and Mr. Julian T. Bowen-Rees
Mrs. Donna E. Bower and Mr. H. Richard Bower, Jr.
Ms. Margaret D. Bowles
Mrs. Jacqueline A. Bowlin and Mr. Samuel W. Bowlin
Mrs. Patricia S. Bowman and Mr. Larry C. Bowman
Mr. L. Carnell Bowman, Jr.
Mrs. Barbara J. Bowman and Mr. Thomas M. Bowman
Mrs. Betty B. Bowman and Mr. Joseph A. Bowman
Mrs. Peggy P. Boyd
Mary Elizabeth A. Boyd, FAISD
Ms. Krista M. Boyd and Mr. Steven L. Boyd
Ms. Tina M. Braden
Mrs. Deborah W. Bradley
Ms. Carole E. Bradley
Mrs. Jenny H. Bradley and Mr. Don L. Bradley
Mrs. Emily Bradshaw and Mr. Weldon A. Bradshaw, Sr.
Mr. David M. Bradshaw
Mrs. Eugenia V. Bradshaw and Mr. Thomas H. Bradshaw
Mrs. Camille K. Bragg and Mr. Robert B. Bragg IV
Ms. Denise M. Branch
Mrs. Susan A. Brand and Mr. Bryan S. Brand
Dr. Philip H. Brandt
Mrs. Linda H. Brannon and Mr. Hillman G. Brannon, Jr.
Mrs. Anne D. Brasfield and Mr. Evans B. Brasfield
Ms. Mary Breen Brazier
Ms. Therese Bream and Dr. Alan J. Bream
Ms. Sandra J. Bremer
Mrs. Megan W. Wilson and Mr. Keith Breslin
Mrs. J. Maxine Brewer and Dr. William H. Brewer
Dr. Amy D. Brewster
Ms. Angela M. Brice-Smith and Dr. Hermon W. Smith III
Dr. Tegwyn H. Brickhouse and Mr. Todd T. Brickhouse
Mrs. Rita L. Brighton
Mrs. Denenne P. Brigle and Dr. Kevin E. Brigle
Mr. Stephen C. Brinkley
Mrs. Betty F. Brinser and Mr. Paul W. Brinser II
Mr. Andrew S. Bristow IV
Mr. Richard L. Britt
Ms. Janet Foster Britt
Dr. Alison G. Britton and Mr. Kevin S. Britton
Ms. Jacqueline Robinson
Dr. Karen Brockenbrough and Mr. Austin Brockenbrough IV
Mrs. Melissa C. Brockwell and Mr. Barry S. Brockwell
Ms. Valerie A. Brooke
Mrs. Linda G. Brooks and Mr. S. H. Brooks
Ms. Dorothy Reynolds Brotherton
Ms. Cynthia L. Martin and Mr. Joseph E. Broussard III
Ms. Marinda A. Brown
Ms. Aljuana C. Brown
Dr. Mikell W. Brown and Mr. Mark A. Brown
Mrs. Ashley M. Brown and Mr. Daniel H. Brown
Dr. Townsend Brown, Jr.
Mr. Reginald R. Brown III
Dr. Donald R. Brown
Mr. Carlos O. Brown
Ms. Kate Brown and Mr. James R. Brown III
Ms. Sandy Brown
Mrs. Jane Garnet Brown and Mr. F. Tyler Beveridge Brown
Mr. Wayne Brown
Dr. R. McKenna Brown and Mr. Sanford Eberly
Mrs. Catherine Stover and Mr. Michael D. Brown
Mr. Kenneth L. Brown
Dr. Charletta B. Brown and Mr. Daniel N. Brown
Mrs. Alexia M. Brown and Mr. Judson D. Brown, Sr.
Mrs. Tami L. Brown and Dr. Gerald J. Brown
Mrs. Katherine M. Brownfield and Mr. H. Robert Brownfield
Dr. Christine M. Browning and Mr. Shannon E. Browning
Ms. Sharon Browning
Dr. Marjorie B. Brownstein and Dr. Marshall P. Brownstein
Dr. Sheri A. Brownstein and Dr. Jeffrey N. Brownstein
Ms. Teresa L. Koeller-Brueggemann and Mr. Carl J. Brueggemann, Jr.
Mr. Thomas Cyril Brunner
Mrs. Ellen Bruny and Mr. Kevin W. Bruny
Ms. Deana M. Buck and Mr. Steven T. Buck
Mrs. Brenda S. Buck and Mr. Dennis R. Buck
Mrs. Michele Buerger and Mr. Hermann T. Buerger
Mrs. Donna S. Buhrman and Mr. Robert M. Buhrman, Sr.
Mrs. Mary J. Bullard and Mr. Theodore C. Bullard
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Whalley Buono and Mr. Clement M. Buono
Mrs. Jenny S. Burkett and Mr. C. Allen Burkett
Mrs. Sherry M. Burleigh and Mr. Lawrence F. Burleigh, Jr.
Mrs. Margaret L. Burner
Mrs. Anne A. Burnett and Mr. Marquis B. Burnett
Mrs. Jane M. Burnette and Dr. Bobby D. Burnette
Ms. Deborah M. Burnette and Mr. W. G. Burnette
Mrs. Virginia S. Burnette
Ms. Elisabeth Burnette
Mrs. Bronwyn M. Burnham and Mr. Robert W. Burnham, Jr.
Mrs. Patricia A. Burns and Dr. Kevin E. Burns
Mrs. Dorothy B. Burns and Dr. Peter F. Burns
Mrs. Cheryl A. Burrell and Mr. Carl S. Burrell
Ms. Debby R. Burroughs and Mr. Kevin J. Burroughs
Mrs. Adrienne G. Burrus and Mr. Robert L. Burrus
Ms. Donna S. Via and Mr. Granville Burruss
Mr. Dennis G. Burruss Jr.
Ms. Donna T. Keefe and Mr. Spence R. Burton
Mrs. Mary Beth T. Burton and Mr. Thomas B. Burton
Mrs. Mary W. Busbee and Mr. Howard J. Busbee
Mrs. Carolyn B. Bush and Mr. T. Norman Bush
Leah L. Bush, M.D.
Mr. Sergio R. Bustos
Mrs. Robinette L. Butler
Mrs. Susan B. Butterworth
Mrs. Katherine D. Buzby and Mr. Joseph T. Buzby
Mrs. Eileen S. Byers and Mr. Michael F. Byers
Mrs. Marjorie Ann Byrd
Mrs. Edie H. Cabaniss and Mr. Robert W. Cabaniss, Jr.
Mrs. Elizabeth R. Cabell and Mr. Charles L. Cabell
Mrs. Erin H. Caldwell and Mr. Jeremy Caldwell
Mrs. Dolores R. Cale
Mr. David Samuel Calkins
Ms. Dale R. Call
Ms. Laurie K. Callahan
Mr. Timothy O. Callahan
Mrs. Charlotte A. Callans and Mr. L. Dans Callans, Jr.
Mr. John L. Callis
Ms. Karen L. Cameron
Ms. Elizabeth D. Camp
Mrs. Julia L. Campbell and Mr. Randolph E. Campbell
Mr. Bernard David Canada
Mrs. Tena Canavos and Mr. Chris S. Canavos
Ms. Samantha A. Cancro and Mr. Timothy D. Cancro
Ms. Courtenay W. Cann
Mrs. Maria A. Cannady and Mr. Scott F. Cannady
Mrs. Kendall K. Cannon and Mr. Mark A. Cannon
Mrs. Carol B. Cantrell
Mr. Tuyen D. Cao
Mrs. Sharon S. Carlyle and Mr. Thomas E. Carlyle III
Mrs. Eleanor Rufty Carlyon
Mr. Will Carpenter
Mrs. Charma K. Carr and Mr. Thomas J. Carr
Mrs. Julia M. Carr and Mr. Bryan D. Carr
Ms. Kathy B. Carr
Mrs. Karen R. Carson and Mr. Robert W. Carson
Ms. Carole G. Carter
Mrs. Michele A. Carter and Mr. Michael Carter
Mrs. Karen L. Carter and Mr. John R. Carter, Jr.
Mr. David Cary
Mrs. Valerie M. Cary and Mr. Miles Cary, Jr.
Mrs. Mary J. Casarotti and Mr. Gregory F. Casarotti
Mr. C. Lewis Casey
Dr. Thomas H. Casey
Mrs. Lissa A. Cash and Dr. Paul D. Cash
Ms. Sandra H. Cash
Mrs. Nancy T. Chadwick and LTC Abraham F. Chadwick
Mrs. Paula Chamberlain and Mr. Bryan A. Chamberlain
Mrs. Patricia T. Chappell and Mr. Thomas C. Chappell
Mrs. Fay C. Chelmow and Dr. David P. Chelmow
Dr. Wesley J. Chenault and Mr. John J. Ryan
Mrs. Ellen F. Chenoweth and Mr. David R. Chenoweth
Mrs. Jacqueline R. Cherry and Mr. Jonathan B. Cherry
Mr. Milton P. Chick
Ms. Rachel A. Childress
Mrs. Clarice W. Christian
Ms. Charlene J. Christian
Mrs. Kate Roy M. Christian and Mr. Dixon W. Christian
Mr. Edward T. Christina, Jr.
Mrs. Kathy L. Church and Mr. Matthew D. Church
Mrs. Janet Ciaravino and Mr. Carl Ciaravino
Mrs. Susan C. Cieslak and Mr. James W. Cieslak
Ms. Mae L. Cinco
Mrs. Sally A. Cipolla and Mr. Joseph T. Cipolla
Ms. Colleen A. Moore and Mr. Peter M. Clancy
Mr. Dennis T. Clark
Mrs. Alice R. Clark
Ms. Anna L. Clark and Mr. Scott W. Clark
Mrs. Kristine J. Hanc Clark and Dr. Stephen J. Clark
Mrs. Julia A. Clark and Mr. George R. Clark
Ms. Danielle E. Clark and Mr. Andrew V. Clark
Mrs. Sarah T. Clark and Mr. Jay W. Clark
Mrs. Nancy M. Clarke and Mr. Steven G. Clarke
Ms. Brenda D. Clarke
Mrs. Bernardine A. Clarke
Mrs. Sandra N. Clarke
Mrs. Margaret S. Clayton and Mr. Robert F. Clayton
Mrs. Jean B. Clayton
Ms. Valerie L. Clem-Brown
Dr. Dolores G. Clement and Mr. Samuel A. Clement
Dr. Kim C. Clements
Mrs. Linda B. Clements and Dr. Boyd M. Clements
Dr. F. Lynne Clemo and Dr. S. Henry Clemo
Mrs. Deborah P. Cline and Mr. Hugh A. Cline
Ms. Martha L. Cloe
Mrs. Joycelyn Cocchiola and Mr. Robert J. Cocchiola
Mr. David L. Cody
Dr. Deborah Waters and The Reverend Dr. E. Allen Coffey
Ms. Elizabeth B. Coffey and Mr. Rodney J. Brinks
Dr. Martha C. Coffield and Mr. David R. Coffield, Jr.
Ms. Jane B. Cohn and Mr. David S. Cohn
Ms. Philathea M. Cole
Mrs. Karen S. Cole and Mr. William H. Cole, Jr.
Dr. Lisa D. Freiman and Mr. Edward J. Coleman
Ms. Latasha D. Coleman
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Coleman and Dr. Wayne T. Coleman
Mrs. Justine C. Coleman
Mrs. Wanda S. Coleman
Mrs. Frances O. Coleman and Mr. Clay M. Coleman
Mrs. Maureen Coleman and Dr. John B. Coleman
Mrs. Marlene Collins and Mr. Rollin Collins
Mrs. Rebecca B. Comstock and Mr. John B. Comstock IV
Mrs. Robin T. Conner and Mr. William A. Conner, Jr.
Ms. Jean R. Conrad and Mr. James G. Conrad, Jr.
Dr. Shelley F. Conroy and Dr. Richard J. Conroy
Mrs. Dianne E. Conwell
Mrs. Christine B. Cook and Mr. Timothy G. Cook
Dr. Colleen K. Jackson-Cook and Mr. Jay H. Cook
Mr. Nicholas Cook
Mrs. Christine C. Cooke
Mrs. Susan Jackson Cooke
Mrs. Janet C. Coon
Mr. L. Kent Cooper
Dr. Belinda D. Cooper
Dr. Jean F. Giddens and Mr. Jay T. Corazza
Mrs. Alison T. Corazzini and Mr. Seth A. Corazzini
Dr. Robbie L. Cordle and Mr. Gary R. Gill
Dr. Sarah T. Corley
Mrs. Phyllis P. Cornell and Dr. George W. Cornell
Mrs. Alice C. Correll
Mary C. Corrigan, PhD
Mr. Joseph J. Cortese
Marianne S. Cosgrove, CRNA, DNAP
Mrs. Sarah B. Cosse and Mr. Jean-Paul Cossé
Dr. Linda S. Costanzo and Dr. Richard M. Costanzo
Mrs. Nina L. Costello and Mr. Richard A. Costello
Ms. Christine S. Costello
Mrs. Doris P. Costley and Mr. Harold E. Costley
Mr. Matthew C. Coulter
Mrs. Karen Burruss-Cousins and Mr. Gerald W. Cousins, Jr.
Mrs. Carol A. Cousins
Dr. Haeran Jae and Mr. John F. Cowling
Mark C. Cox, PhD
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Cox and Mr. Frederic H. Cox, Jr.
Mrs. Katherine T. Cox and Dr. Robert Y. Cox
Mrs. Emily W. Cox and Mr. Mark T. Cox IV
Dr. Karen L. Coy and Mr. Edward B. Coy
Mr. Joseph T. Crane III
Mr. Stanley E. Craun
Ms. Cheryl A. Crawford and Ms. Marilyn L. Fishel
Ms. Linda J. Crawford
Mrs. Crystal M. Crawley and Mr. Vaughan Crawley
Mrs. Anita T. Crean and Mr. John M. Crean
Mrs. Peggy L. Cribbs and Mr. Jeffrey S. Cribbs, Sr.
Mrs. Linda K. Cromwell and Mr. Carl F. Cromwell
Mrs. Melanie J. Cross and Mr. Mark S. Cross
Ms. Sallie M. Cross and Mr. Richard M. Cross
Mr. Ray B. Cross
Mr. Michael R. Crostic
Ms. Polly Anne Crouch
Mrs. Nancy McCullen and Mr. Lars E. Crowder
Mr. Larry K. Crump
Mrs. Sara S. Cruser and Dr. Melvin E. Cruser III
Ms. Johnna L. Showers and Mr. Bruce N. Cruser
Ms. Gabie F. Crutchfield
Mr. John C. Cullather
Mrs. Agnes Cullen and Mr. Richard Cullen
Mrs. Helen M. Culley and Mr. Clifford J. Culley
Ms. Shirley Jean Cullop
Mrs. Tia G. Cunningham and Mr. Willie R. Cunningham, Jr.
Mr. Terrence Curley
Mrs. K. C. Curtis and Mr. J. Kevin Curtis
Dr. Stephanie Cutler and Dr. Gary S. Cutler
Mrs. Diane S. Czarnik and Mr. Joseph A. Czarnik
Mrs. Teresa G. Dadez and Dr. Edward W. Dadez
Ms. Sandra Dagenhart and Mr. Dwayne F. Dagenhart
Mrs. Caroline A. Dalrymple and Mr. David C. Dalrymple
Mrs. Lynn S. D'Amato and Mr. Nicholas J. D'Amato
Mrs. Marcia A. D'Ambrosio and Mr. Peter R. D'Ambrosio
Mrs. Susan S. Dameron and Mr. J. Charles Dameron
Mr. Allen Dance
Mrs. Doris D. Daniels and Mr. James T. Daniels
Mrs. Elaine L. Danis
Mr. Daniel A. Daroy
Mr. Greg Darrisaw
Mrs. Carol A. Dato and Mr. Lawrence W. Dato
Mrs. Lori C. Daugherty and Dr. Wilson P. Daugherty
Mrs. Martha R. Davidson and Mr. Charles O. Davidson
Mrs. Brenda G. Davidson
Ms. Connie C. Davidson and Mr. Charlie B. Davidson III
Mrs. Patricia B. Davis and Mr. Alan W. Davis
Mrs. Mary B. Davis and Mr. O. Allen Davis
Mrs. Barbara E. Davis and Mr. Charles W. Davis
Ms. Joy J. Davis
Dr. Russell Haden Davis
Mrs. Susan B. Davis and Mr. Samuel J. Davis III
Mrs. Teresa M. Davis and Mr. George C. Davis III
Prof. Tammy T. Davis and Dr. Thomas C. Davis
Dr. Mary T. Davis
Mr. Donald R. Dawson
Mr. Billy R. Dean
Ms. Kathleen D. Deaner and Mr. Barry R. Deaner
Mr. Edgar G. Dearth III
Ms. Linda M. Decker
Prof. James B. Deemy
Mrs. Patricia M. DeFreitas and Dr. Edward A. Defreitas
Mrs. Carol K. Deitrick and Mr. James S. Deitrick
Ms. Kelly R. del Campo Merricks
Mr. Steven C. DeLaney
Ms. Winifred B. Delano
Dr. Nailya O. Delellis and Dr. Anthony J. DeLellis
Mrs. Barbara S. Dell'Aria and Mr. Arthur D. Dell'Aria
Mrs. Susan G. DeLuca and Mr. Joseph L. DeLuca
Mrs. Nancy A. Denike
Mr. David R. Dennier
Mrs. Lacy Dennis and Mr. Stephen C. Dennis
Mr. Gates DePodesta
Miss Sara D. Dergham
Mrs. Lisa D. DeRosa Mathias and Mr. William T. Mathias
Mrs. Anna H. Detterman and Mr. George W. Detterman, Jr.
Mrs. Shelby B. DeWalle
Mrs. Linda M. Deyerle and Dr. William A. Deyerle
Mrs. Christina D. Dhir and Mr. Arun Dhir
Mrs. Rhonda E. DiCarlo and Mr. John A. DiCarlo
Mr. Kent C. Dickey
Dr. Kristin A. Dickinson
Mrs. Sarah D. Dicks and Mr. John G. Dicks III
Mr. Christopher Didden
Ms. June E. Diehl
Mrs. Cherie A. Dillow and Mr. G. Benjamin Dillow
Mrs. Shelli M. Dinerstein and Mr. Robert S. Dinerstein
Mrs. Jennifer S. Ding and Mr. Derek Ding
Mr. Montgomery Dise
Ms. Mary Ruth Divine
Ms. Joyce R. Dixon
Ms. Anne M. Dobson and Mr. Timothy S. Baird
Mrs. Joanne E. Dodson and Mr. John E. Dodson
Mrs. Lis S. Doley and Dr. John P. Doley
Ms. Laura S. Domalik and Mr. Charles F. Domalik
Mr. David D. Dommisse
Mrs. Mary M. Donan
Ms. Cynthia S. Donnell
Dr. Krista L. Donohoe and Mr. Brendan C. Donohoe
Pamela K. Douglas, PMHCNS-BC
Mr. Paul A. Dow
Mrs. Tara Casey and Dr. Alan W. Dow III
Mrs. Ashley Dowdy and Mr. Floyd B. Dowdy III
Ms. Julie W. Baxter and Mr. Paul A. Dresser, Jr.
Mrs. Molly Dreux and Mr. Mark S. Dreux, Jr.
Mrs. Gayle W. Drew and Mr. Joel P. Drew
Mrs. Patricia P. Driscoll and Dr. William S. Driscoll
Mrs. Patricia M. Drudge and Mr. Paul P. Drudge
Mrs. Emily Dubose and Mr. Charles O. DuBose, Jr.
Mrs. Kathy Duckworth and Dr. P. Frederick Duckworth, Jr.
Ms. April Lynn Duff
Mrs. Pamela A. Hendrix and Mr. Robert L. Duffus
Ms. Debra A. Duffy-Babiec and Dr. Daniel F. Babiec
Mrs. Andrea W. Dugger and Mr. Richard W. Dugger
Ms. Darien Fisher-Duke and Mr. John K. Duke
Ms. Cynthia A. Dulik
Dr. Ann H. Dunbar and Mr. P. Frank Dunbar
Ms. Darlene S. Duncan and Mr. Calvin A. Duncan
Mrs. Gwendolyn F. Duncan and Dr. Gregory L. Duncan
Ms. Monica J. Dunivan and Mr. Daniel P. Dunivan
Mrs. Sandra J. Dunkum and Mr. James E. Dunkum, Jr.
Mrs. Mary M. Dunn
Mrs. Nancy B. Dunn
Mrs. Elizabeth K. Dunn and Mr. James G. Dunn
Mrs. Linda K. Dunn and Mr. Christopher D. Dunn
Dr. John E. Dunning
Mrs. Sandra S. Dunton and Mr. Henry L. Dunton, Jr.
Dr. Leslie M. Durr
Mrs. Gail L. Dussere and Mr. David Dussere
Prof. Marilyn S. Seeley and Mr. Kenneth M. Dye
Mrs. Laura E. Dysart and Mr. Scott D. Dysart
Ms. Robin S. Earley and Mr. Randy S. Earley
Mrs. Meghan O. Easterday and Mr. Scott M. Easterday
Mr. John D. Eavers
Mrs. Sue S. Eddleton and Mr. William L. Eddleton
Ms. Karen M. Dal Santo-Edelbrock and Mr. Jack F. Edelbrock, Jr.
Mr. David R. Edgren
Ms. Sylvia E. Edwards
Ms. Anita S. Edwards
Mrs. Lois F. Einhorn and Dr. Bernard I. Einhorn
Mrs. Roberta M. Elford and Dr. Howard L. Elford
Mrs. Linda B. Ellington and Mr. W. Terrill Ellington
Dr. Aimee J. Ellington
Tracy Elliott-Jones, LCSW
Ms. Doris M. Elliott-Wampler and Mr. Larry N. Wampler
Mrs. Gerry W. Ellis and Dr. R. Benjamin Ellis
Mrs. Julia M. Ellis and Dr. David L. Ellis
Mrs. Judith Elmore and Mr. Kevin M. Elmore
Mrs. Lisa A. El-Shall and Dr. Mohamed S. El-Shall
Dr. Jackie C. Elston
Mrs. Karen M. Elswick and Dr. Ronald K. Elswick, Jr.
Ms. Denise L. Emminger and Mr. Brian Emminger
Mrs. Julia S. Engelsberg and Mr. David Engelsberg
Dr. Shannon K. Mitchell and Dr. Maxim P. Engers
Ms. Sandra L. Engleman
Mrs. Nancy W. Engstrom and Mr. Charles S. Engstrom
Mrs. Oneita C. Enoch and Mr. Jack M. Enoch, Jr.
Ms. Ellen E. Spong and Mr. Augustus C. Epps, Jr.
Dr. Ruth W. Epps and Dr. Thomas H. Epps, Jr.
Mr. Jacob E. Epstein
Ms. Heather Williams and Mr. Mellwood F. Ergens III
Mrs. Stephanie K. Erickson and Mr. Scott A. Erickson
Mrs. Erika L. Erickson and Mr. Carl F. Erickson
Mrs. Annette B. Ernst and Dr. William J. Ernst III
Mrs. Mary C. Escobar and Mr. Michael Escobar
Mr. Weston N. Estes
Mrs. Ariana J. Estes and Mr. Kevin M. Estes
Mrs. Jean B. Estes and Mr. Robey W. Estes, Jr.
Mrs. Elyse S. Evans
Dr. Bonita J. Makdad and Dr. Steven E. Evens
Mrs. Faye G. Everett and Mr. William W. Everett
Mr. Bruce L. Everette
Ms. Janet S. Ewen
Mrs. Marguerite Faina and Mr. Anthony G. Faina
Dr. Cerina W. Fairfax and The Honorable Justin E. Fairfax
Mrs. Nadine A. Fallacaro and Dr. Michael D. Fallacaro
Mrs. Susan A. Falyar and Mr. Christian R. Falyar
Mrs. Jane Farmer and Mr. Robert C. Farmer
Mrs. Sara V. Farmer and Mr. Jonathan K. Farmer
Ms. Jennifer Lynn Farris
Mrs. Brenda S. Faulkner and Mr. J. Richard Faulkner, Jr.
Mrs. Wanda G. Fauth and Mr. Donald A. Fauth, Jr.
Mrs. Elizabeth F. Fedon and Mr. Robert L. Fedon
Ms. Toni Carpenito and Mr. Eric F. Fedowitz
Dr. Jodie L. Ferguson
Dr. Louise D. Ferland and Mr. Byrd C. Ferland
Mrs. Savannah Ferrara and Dr. Mark S. Ferrara
Mrs. Michelle L. Ferrera and Dr. Marc H. Ferrera
Ms. Eileen May and Mr. Stanley J. Feuer
Mrs. Karen S. Fields and Mr. Glen R. Fields II
Dr. Marcella F. Fierro and Dr. Robert J. Fierro
Mrs. Sharon Filegar and Mr. David M. Filegar
Mr. Patrick J. Finegan
Dr. Kathryn S. Finley-Parker and Mr. Timothy P. Finley-Parker
Mrs. Mary R. Fisher and Mr. Alexander M. Fisher, Jr.
Mrs. Debra Fitzgerald and Mr. James B. Fitzgerald
Mrs. Debra S. Fitzgerald and Dr. David R. Fitzgerald, Jr.
Ms. Lucie H. Fitzgerald
Ms. Angela L. Flagg
Ms. Maureen P. Flattery
Dr. Susan Patrick and Mr. John P. Fleck
Ms. Betty Ann B. Fleenor and Dr. W. Courtney Fleenor
Mrs. Ellen D. Fleming and Mr. Linwood A. Fleming
Mrs. Lisa G. Fletcher and Mr. Gary H. Fletcher
Mrs. Hilda A. Fletcher and Mr. Gordon W. Fletcher, Jr.
Dr. Catherine K. Floroff
Mrs. Beverly R. Floyd and Dr. John M. Floyd
Dr. Shawn M. Floyd
Mrs. Lisa H. Foer and Dr. Charles J. Foer
Dr. Rachel E. Foglesong and Mr. G. Allen Foglesong
Ms. Linda T. Foley
Mrs. Clair McNelis Folkes
Dr. Kathleen Kahler Fonda
Mrs. Lisa B. Ford and Mr. Michael E. Ford
Mr. Thaddeus William Fortney
Mrs. Carole C. Foutz and Mr. Roger W. Foutz, Jr.
Mrs. Jennifer C. Fowler and Dr. J. Todd Fowler
Dr. Mary Ann Frable and Dr. William J. Frable
Mrs. Ann B. Frame and Mr. Horace L. Frame, Jr.
Mrs. Virginia J. Francis and Mr. Harry L. Francis
Mrs. Sheila Franco
Mr. Charles W. Franger
Mrs. Kellie A. Frank and Mr. Richard G. Frank
Mrs. Julie G. Franklin and Mr. Lynwood L. Franklin
Mrs. Katherine W. Frasca and Dr. Daniel P. Frasca
Mrs. Rowena A. Fratarcangelo and Mr. Dante Fratarcangelo, Jr.
Mrs. Janice B. Freed and Mr. Robert L. Freed
Dr. Erma L. Freeman
Mrs. Pamela J. Freeman and Mr. James W. Freeman
Mrs. Evelyn K. Freeman and Col. David J. Freeman
Mr. James Douglas Freeman, Sr.
Mrs. Susan C. Freeman and Mr. Ralph P. Freeman
Mrs. Margaret R. Freeman
Ms. Margaret S. Freeman
Mrs. Shannon Freeman and Mr. Allen D. Freeman II
Ms. Sharon B. Freude
Ms. Jennifer L. Frisch
Ms. Patricia F. Carrington and Mr. Dylan S. Fugate
Mrs. Deborah L. Galeski and Dr. Joseph S. Galeski III
Mrs. Cecily C. Gallasch and Mr. William F. Gallasch, Jr.
Mr. Robert B. Gambill
Mr. Michael K. Gamble
Dana R. Garbus
Ms. Laura T. Garden
Mrs. Kaye Pollard Gardner
Mrs. Debra S. Gardner and Dr. David F. Gardner
Ms. Sheryl L. Garland and Mr. Christopher T. Garland
Mrs. Kathryn N. Garnett
Mrs. Elizabeth Garrett and Dr. Carleton T. Garrett
Algin B. Garrett, M.D.
Mrs. Theresa S. Garriques and Mr. Stephen T. Garriques
Mrs. Vicki G. Garrison and Mr. Brent A. Garrison
Mrs. Palmer P. Garson and Mr. Douglas D. Garson
Mrs. Kathy C. Gatewood and Mr. Harold M. Gatewood
Ms. Joan L. Gaustad
Mrs. Beverly G. George-Gay and Dr. G. Mantovani Gay
Mrs. Nancy L. Gayheart and Mr. Marshall D. Gayheart, Jr.
Ms. Elizabeth A. Gibbs and Mr. Daniel A. Gecker
Mrs. Michelle R. Gee and Mr. Robert L. Gee
Mr. William H. George
Mr. James E. George, Jr.
Ms. Connie L. George
Dr. Vera T. Gerard and Dr. Scott E. Gerard
Mrs. Marie F. Gerardo and Mr. Edward F. Gerardo
Mr. Michael R. Ghaffari
Mrs. Kimberly K. Giancaspro and Mr. Michael W. Giancaspro, Sr.
Mrs. Patricia F. Gibb and Mr. Andrew J. Gibb
Mrs. Mary N. Gibrall and Mr. George M. Gibrall, Sr.
Mr. William D. Gilbert
Mrs. Katie L. Gilbert and Mr. Aaron M. Gilbert, Sr.
Mrs. Faye L. Giles and Mr. Robert B. Giles
Mrs. Carol P. Gill and Mr. George Gill, Jr.
Mrs. Willie H. Gillenwater
Ms. Karen C. Gillett
Mrs. Katherine H. Gitzinger and Mr. Matt Gitzinger
Mrs. Kathleen R. Gladstone and Dr. M. David Gladstone
Mr. William Gladysz
Ms. Katherine K. Glass and Mr. Terry W. Glass
Ms. Beth A. Glassford and Mr. Scott Glassford
Mrs. Dana Gleason and Mr. James P. Gleason
Mrs. Eden A. Glenn and Mr. Robert N. Glenn
Mrs. Anne D. Glisson
Mr. Neill E. Goff
Mrs. Pamela M. Goheen and Mr. Mike A. Goheen
Ms. Mary D. Golden and Mr. Terry Golden
Dr. Elliott Goldner
Mrs. Juliette O. Gonner
Mr. Jaime S. Gonzalez and Ms. Melissa W. Gonzalez
Dr. Ann K. Good and Dr. Bennie W. Good
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Goodbody
Mr. R. Maxwell Goode
Ms. Lucy W. Goodwin and Mr. Avery S. Goodwin
Mrs. Ashley R. Goodwin
Dr. Susie R. Goolsby and Mr. Jack R. Goolsby
Mrs. Andrea J. Gordon and Mr. Charles T. Gordon
Mrs. Judy L. Gossip and Mr. James W. Gossip
Mr. Bruce C. Gottwald, Jr.
Mrs. Jane E. Grant and Mr. Gary W. Grant
Ms. Margaret W. Graves
Mrs. Catherine J. Gravitt and Mr. James C. Gravitt
Mrs. Sarah B. Gravitt-Baese and Mr. Kurtis A. Baese
Dr. Meredith C. Gray
Mrs. Elizabeth Gray and Mr. Horace A. Gray III
Mr. Edgar P. Gray
Mrs. Jessica Holland Gray
Doreen M. Grech Ph.D
Mrs. Barbara S. Grecheck and Mr. Eugene S. Grecheck
Mrs. Mary A. Green and Dr. Michael J. Green
Mrs. Betty S. Green and Dr. Stephen L. Green
Mrs. Faye P. Green and Dr. Charles R. Green III
Jeffrey Alan Green, M.D.
Mrs. Vanessa R. Green and Mr. Tony V. Green
Mrs. Susan H. Green and Mr. James H. Green
Ms. Clare M. Greene
Ms. Beth M. Reinhard and Mr. Ronald J. Greene
Mr. Mark W. Greenstreet
Mrs. Denise J. Greentree and Mr. Jeffery A. Greentree
Mrs. Faith C. Greenwood and Mr. Thompson H. Greenwood
Mrs. Barbara W. Greenwood and Mr. Wilt W. Greenwood, Jr.
Mrs. Evelyn C. Gregory and Mr. James R. Gregory
Mrs. Allison Ashwood Gregory
Dr. Nelson F. Gregory
Maj. Mark D. Gregory
Mrs. Kirsten M. Gregory and Mr. K. Stuart Gregory
Ms. Gloria F. Greiner-Callihan
Mrs. Martha S. Greishaw
Ms. Mary E. Grier and Mr. John T. Grier
Mrs. Charlotte R. Grier and Mr. Roy S. Grier
Mrs. Valerie A. Grier and Mr. Ed A. Grier, Jr.
Mrs. Ingrid B. Griffin and Dr. Barry I. Griffin
Ms. Cathy P. Griffith
Mr. William L. Grigg
Dr. Edward N. Griggs III
Ms. Joyce M. Grimes
Mrs. Jean A. Grimes and Mr. Conley B. Grimes
Dr. Peter B. Grinnell
Mrs. Deborah H. Grisnik
Mrs. Jennifer Gronning and Mr. Jeffrey K. Gronning
Ms. Karey H. Groome
Ms. Martha Estes Grover
Mr. John Gordon Grover
Mrs. Bonnie R. Grow and Mr. Michael J. Grow
Mrs. Tanya D. Grubb and Mr. Albany D. Grubb
Mr. Darko Grupce and Ms. Sanela Logo
Mr. William M. Grush
Ms. Kathleen L. Grzegorek and Dr. Jamil Tahir-Kheli
Ms. Ngoc-My Guidarelli and Mr. A. Francis Guidarelli
Mrs. Cynthia M. Guin and Mr. Neil Guin
Mrs. Brittany C. Gull and Mr. Adam E. Gull
Mrs. Melissa M. Gullquist and Dr. Scott D. Gullquist
Miss Margaret Mann Gupton
Mrs. Anne Guthmiller and Dr. John Guthmiller
Mrs. Mindy P. Guyer and Mr. Michael N. Guyer
Mrs. Janet L. Haase and Mr. Randall N. Haase
Ms. Kelly N. Haase and Mr. Sam Eam
Dr. Patricia W. Hackler
Mrs. Deborah Ann Hackman
Mary H. Hackney, M.D.
Mrs. Barbara E. Haga and Mr. Howard R. Haga, Jr.
Mrs. Joan B. Hager and Mr. William H. Hager
Mrs. Margaret C. Hager and The Honorable John H. Hager
Mrs. Nancy A. Hahn and Mr. Gary D. Hahn
Mrs. Jamie L. Haight and Mr. Jeffrey C. Haight
Mrs. Rhoena A. Haithcock and Dr. Roderick E. Haithcock
Mrs. Alison B. Hale
Mr. William H. Hale III
Mrs. Patricia Cole Hale
Mr. Justin G. Hale
Mrs. Patricia S. Hall and Mr. James H. Hall
Mrs. Teresa S. Hall and Mr. Andrew C. Hall
Mr. Steven Hunter Hall
Ms. Tracey A. Halliday
Mrs. Rochelle R. Hamlin and Mr. Terry R. Hamlin
Mr. Andrew T. Hammond
Mrs. Suzie J. Hampton and Dr. Lance J. Hampton
Ms. Carol E. Handley and Mr. William R. Handley
Ms. Elsie S. Handy and Mr. Russell Handy, Jr.
Mrs. Lori F. Hankins and Mr. Alan C. Hankins
Mr. Charles Hanna
Mrs. Marie A. Hardin
Mrs. Sharon S. Harding and Mr. Mike Harding
Mrs. Janice N. Harkins
Mrs. Andrea J. Harlow and Mr. Michael L. Harlow
Mrs. Lynne H. Harmon and Mr. Douglas Harmon
Mrs. Deborah H. Harms and Mr. Stephen W. Harms
Ms. Catherine M. Harold and Mr. Howard C. Adams, Jr.
Ms. Kathleen E. Harold
Mrs. Lisa A. Harrah and Mr. Michael S. Harrah
Mr. Roger L. Harrell
Ms. Glenice M. Harris
Mrs. Christina M. Harris and The Honorable L. A. Harris, Jr.
Ms. Marilyn A. Harris
Ms. Rosalind R. Harris
Mrs. Lynda H. Harris and Mr. William J. Harris, Jr.
Ms. Harriett T. Harris
Mrs. Linda Harris and Mr. Jeffrey E. Harris
Mrs. Charlotte F. Harris
Mrs. Pamela M. Harris and Mr. Timothy R. Harris
Ms. Tonya N. Harrison
Ms. Aleta R. Harrison
Mrs. Jill B. Harrison and Mr. Lawrence W. Harrison
Ms. Susan Cundiff Harrison
Dr. Cathy A. Harrison
Mr. J. Philip Hart
Mrs. Lori A. Hart and Mr. Joseph G. Hart
Dr. Faryl K. Hart and Mr. David K. Williams, Jr.
Ms. Jenna B. Hart and Mr. J. Wesley Hart
Mrs. Kendra C. Harvey and Mr. Paul E. Harvey
Ms. A. Loren Hatcher
Mrs. Becky Haug and Mr. Matthew J. Haug
Mrs. Kimberly W. Hauser and Dr. Mark J. Hauser
Mrs. Diana G. Haver and Dr. William E. Haver
Mr. Winfred A. Hayes
Mr. Todd P. Haymore
Dr. Amy H. Dusenbury
Dr. Rebecca Haynes Hockman
Ms. Rebecca W. Headley
Mrs. Mary P. Headley and Mr. Sterlin L. Headley
Mr. Jonathan M. Headley
Mrs. Dorothy D. Healy and Mr. Harold W. Healy
Mrs. Elizabeth G. Helms and Mr. James E. Helms
Mrs. Mildred M. Heltzer and Mr. Herbert L. Heltzer
Mrs. Andrea J. Henderson and Mr. Arnold R. Henderson V
Mrs. Catherine J. Hendrick and Mr. David A. Hendrick
Dr. Laurin L. Henry
Mrs. Catherine T. Hensby and Mr. Thomas F. Hensby, Jr.
Mr. Alexander L. Henson
Ms. Patricia Henson-Dacey
Mrs. Frances T. Herrington and Mr. C. Preston Herrington III
Dr. Lowell Lee Hess
Mr. Gregory K. Hicks
Ms. Laura B. Hicks
Dr. Kathleen R. Hidalgo
Mrs. Nancy S. Higgins and Mr. Christopher R. Higgins
Mr. Robert F. Hill Jr.
Mrs. Janet A. Hill and Mr. L. Douglas Hill
Mrs. Connie L. Hill and Mr. Jeffrey A. Hill
Mrs. Brenda P. Hill and Mr. Robert J. Hill
Mrs. Forrest A. Hill and Mr. Donald W. Hill
Mrs. Patricia G. Hill and Mr. William S. Hill
Mrs. Laura M. Hiller and Mr. George L. Hiller
Mrs. Mara M. Hilliar and Mr. Christopher Hilliar
Mr. Phillip C. Hillier
Mrs. Martha F. Hilton and Dr. John E. Hilton, Jr.
Mrs. Margot J. Hinchliff and Mr. James Hinchliff
Mrs. Terrell L. Hindman and The Reverend Dr. David M. Hindman
Ms. Barbara L. Hines
Mr. Allen Davis Hinman
Mrs. Janet S. Hodges and Mr. James M. Hodges
Mrs. Vikki B. Hodges and Mr. Charles S. Hodges
Ms. Miriam Hoffman
Ms. Margaret A. Cosby Holden and Mr. Richard C. Holden
Mrs. Brooke A. Holland
Mr. Curtis E. Hollins
Mrs. Diane S. Hollyfield and Mr. Daniel B. Hollyfield III
Mr. Stanley R. Holmes III
Dr. Robert D. Holsworth
Mrs. Betty W. Holt and Mr. H. Winston Holt III
The Reverend Amy P. Holtz and Mr. Timothy P. Holtz
Ms. Sallyann C. Holzgrefe and Mr. J. Gregory Holzgrefe
Mrs. Mari M. Hommel and Mr. Roger W. Hommel
Mrs. Celia C. Hong and Dr. Sung C. Hong
Mr. Christopher S. Hook
Mrs. Sandra K. Hooks
Mrs. Kathryn L. Hoover and Mr. Michael L. Hoover
Ms. Kathleen L. Hoppe
Mrs. Cynthia W. Hopper and Mr. J. E. H. Hopper
Mr. Kenneth W. Hopson
Mrs. Janie Horne and Mr. Barry W. Horne
Mr. Christopher A. Horner
Ms. Ruth M. Horton and Mr. Don W. Horton
Mrs. Elaine Horton and Dr. Edward V. Horton, Jr.
Mrs. Deborah B. Horton
Mrs. Mary M. Horton and Mr. Thomas M. Horton
Mr. James B. Hotze
Ms. Lori Howard
Mrs. Tammy D. Howell and Dr. Ralph L. Howell, Jr.
Ms. Katrice N. Howerton
Mrs. Patricia W. Howle and Mr. Patrick W. Howle
Mrs. Anne S. Hubbard and Dr. Maury A. Hubbard, Jr.
Ms. Virginia Nuara Hudert
Mrs. Sandra M. Hudson and Mr. Mark A. Hudson
Mr. Jefferson P. Hudson
Mrs. Tanya A. Huff and Mr. Steven M. Huff
Dr. Brad Hullett
Mrs. Mitzi G. Humphrey and Mr. Thomas M. Humphrey
Mr. Stephen C. Humphrey
Mrs. Cassandra Humphries and Mr. Kendall E. Humphries
Ms. Linda A. Hungate and Mr. Hobert D. Hungate, Jr.
Ms. Jessica P. Thomas and Mr. David L. Hunsucker, Jr.
Mrs. Sharon T. Hunt and Mr. David K. Hunt
Dr. Almeta S. Hunt
Mr. Douglas K. Hurd
Dr. Robin R. Hurst and Mr. Carroll D. Hurst
Mr. Michael A. Hutcheson
Mrs. Kathy Hutchinson and Mr. Harvey E. Hutchinson IV
Mr. Dang H. Huynh-Vuong
Ms. Diana E. Dew and Mr. Augustus S. Hydrick, Jr.
Dr. Edward S. Im
Mrs. Peggy S. Ingram and Mr. Thomas B. Ingram
Dr. Kathleen M. Ingram
Dr. Catherine Ingrassia
Mr. Christopher R. Irving
Dr. Janice J. Izlar and Mr. Charles E. Izlar
Ms. Jacqueline A. Jackman
Ms. Barbara A. Jackson
Mrs. Joan E. Jackson and Mr. Richard W. Jackson, Jr.
Ms. Valencia L. Jackson
Mrs. Nancy G. Jackson
Ms. Lorie R. Jackson
Mrs. Kim F. Jacoby and Mr. John C. Jacoby
Mrs. Dorothy A. Jaeckle and Mr. Ronald R. Jaeckle
Ms. Emily Jalbert and Mr. Paul A. Jalbert
Mrs. Judith A. Jamarik and Mr. Carl C. Jamarik
Dr. Tehra M. James and Mr. Eric James
Mrs. Teresa K. James and Mr. Gregory R. James
Ms. Tina Twigg-James and Mr. L. Eldon James, Jr.
Mrs. Mary Alice W. Jamison and Mr. Albertis H. Jamison
Mrs. Patricia C. Janes and Mr. Lonnie M. Janes
Ms. Donna R. Jarvis
Ms. Mary Ellen E. Kirk-Jasinskas and Mr. Walter A. Jasinskas
Mr. James G. Jenkins
Mrs. Latisha Waller Jenkins
Mrs. Brenda A. Jennette and Mr. Ivia T. Jennette, Jr.
Mr. Marcel Jennings
Mrs. Michelle M. Jennings and Dr. Thomas C. Jennings
Dr. Kelli L. Jennings and Dr. Brandon T. Jennings
Ms. Lori A. Jennings
Mrs. Vicki L. Jessee and Mr. Allen W. Jessee
Mr. Bryce D. Jewett, Jr.
Mrs. Margaret S. Johnson
Mrs. Margaret W. Johnson and Mr. Paul L. Johnson
Mrs. Mary P. Johnson
Mrs. Eva L. Johnson and Dr. Robert A. Johnson
Mrs. Gail M. Johnson and Mr. Kevin W. Johnson
Mr. Wayne L. Johnson
Dr. Monique S. Johnson and Mr. Darius A. Johnson
Ms. Kimberly D. Cosby and Mr. William A. Johnson, Jr.
Mrs. C. Ivy Johnson and Mr. Champ R. Johnson
Dr. Susan C. Johnson and Mr. Jerry H. Johnson
Mrs. Sandra P. Johnson and Dr. Thomas M. Johnson
Mrs. June Y. Johnson
Dr. Gretchen L. Johnson and Dr. Mark S. Johnson
Ms. Nannie B. Johnson
Ms. Meg M. Johnson
Mrs. Patricia G. Johnston and Mr. Harry L. Johnston
Mrs. Sandra W. Johnston and Mr. Scott D. Johnston
Mrs. Rowena W. Johnston and Mr. M. Joseph Johnston, Sr.
Mrs. Teresa A. Jones and Mr. Warren H. Jones, Jr.
Mrs. Otelia Jones and Mr. Kenneth J. Jones
Mrs. Jenise I. Jones and Mr. Daniel K. Jones
Mrs. Sheree T. Jones and Mr. Edwin C. Jones
Mrs. Terry L. Jones and Mr. Darrel T. Jones, Jr.
Ms. Portia Maxine Jones
Mrs. Ellen K. Jones and Mr. Jack T. Jones
Mr. Loring P. Jones
Ms. Karen M. Reilly-Jones and Mr. Mills G. Jones, Jr.
Mrs. Martha C. Jones and Mr. Scott W. Jones
Mrs. Terrie L. Jones and Mr. Gary W. Jones
Mrs. Mary I. Jones and Mr. Ronald E. Jones
Dr. Nancy E. Jones-Oltjenbruns
Ms. Anne M. Jones-Sutton
Mrs. Diana M. Jordan and Mr. Nicholas W. Jordan
Mrs. Katherine H. Judd
Mrs. Barbara A. Judge and Mr. James T. Judge
Ms. Barbara A. Judy
Mrs. April Juranis and Mr. Manny A. Juranis
Mrs. Sarah M. Kahle
Mrs. Mary K. Kahn and Dr. Kenneth B. Kahn
Mrs. Judith D. Kalish and Mr. Joseph J. Kalish
Mr. Ryan Kalkowsky
Ms. Jennie L. Kammerman and Mr. Michael J. Kammerman
Mrs. Joan H. Kammire and Mr. John S. Kammire
Mr. Donald E. Karabaich
Mr. Daryle W. Karnes
Mrs. Lauren B. Kastelberg and Mr. Paul L. Kastelberg
Ms. Cynia A. Katsorelos
Mrs. Janet S. Kay and Mr. Bruce A. Kay
Ms. Deborah A. Kay
Dr. James M. Keeton, Jr.
Mrs. Sandra Keim and Dr. Lon W. Keim
Ms. Valerie Van Dam Kelleher
Mrs. Deloise W. Kellert and Dr. Lewis A. Kellert
Mrs. Hilda C. Kelly
Mrs. Elizabeth C. Kelly and Mr. Greg Kelly
Mrs. Sara Kelson and Dr. Todd L. Kelson
Mrs. Anne C. Kendig and Dr. Robert O. Kendig
Dr. Susan A. Miller and Dr. Kenneth S. Kendler
Dr. Sarah E. Kennealy and Mr. Kevin G. Kennealy
Mrs. Margaret J. Keogh and Mr. Hugh D. Keogh
Mrs. Kimberly L. Kepcke and Mr. Jeffrey J. Kepcke
Mr. Ronald F. Kern
Mr. Howard E. Kerpelman
Mr. Charles R. Kessinger
Mr. Gregory G. Kimbrell
Mrs. Barbara T. Kimbrell and Mr. Gordon M. Kimbrell
Mrs. Rachel B. Kincaid and Mr. Cliff F. Kincaid
Mrs. Judy King and The Honorable Thomas R. King, Jr.
Mrs. Saundra L. King and Mr. Donald T. King
Mrs. Catherine A. King and Mr. Michael A. King
Mrs. Elizabeth C. King and Mr. Kenneth F. King
Dr. Linda J. King-Kohl and Mr. Timothy Kohl
Dr. Karen L. Kirby
Mrs. Carol C. Kirchner and Dr. George A. Kirchner
Dr. Mary Ann F. Kirkpatrick and Mr. George F. Kirkpatrick
Ms. Deborah L. Mihaloff and Mr. Alan I. Kirshner
Ms. Ellis A. Sasser and The Reverend R. Wayne Kitsteiner
Mrs. Sandra L. Kjerulf and Mr. Heyn Kjerulf
Ms. Sandra L. Mihaloff and Mr. Philip W. Klaus, Jr.
Mr. James W. Klaus
Mrs. Joan O. Kline and Mr. Michael H. Kline, Sr.
Dr. Margaret Stimpfle Klise
Mrs. Esther M. Klurfeld and Dr. David M. Klurfeld
Mrs. Gleness R. Knauer and Mr. Tom Knauer
Ms. Elizabeth Roderick and Dr. John T. Kneebone
Mr. Gary C. Koch
Dr. Katherine O. Koehl and Mr. Aaron M. Koehl
Ms. Debra A. Carlotti and Dr. Kenneth W. Kolb
The Reverend Margaret J. Konkel
Mrs. Marjorie A. Kopins and Mr. Mark S. Kopins
Mr. Larry W. Koppelman
Mrs. Jodi L. Koste and Mr. Peter M. Koste
Ms. Jennifer R. Kostyniuk and Mr. John S. Kostyniuk
Mr. Daniel J. Kosut
Mrs. Laura E. Kottkamp and Mr. Nathan Kottkamp
Mrs. Donna M. Kratzert and Mr. Charles E. Kratzert, Jr.
Ms. Kathleen O. Kreutzer and Dr. Jeffrey S. Kreutzer
Mrs. Nancy M. Krider and Mr. Richard E. Krider
Mrs. Bonnie S. Krieger and Mr. Robert L. Krieger, Jr.
Dr. Chad M. Krouse
Mrs. Frances E. Krushelnisky and Mr. Kenneth Krushelnisky
Dr. Richard T. Kubota
Ms. Laura A. Lynn and Mr. Frederick G. Kuhm
Mr. Patrick Anthony Kunkowski
Ms. Tracy A. Labin
Mrs. Laura D. Lafayette and Mr. Michael P. Lafayette
Ms. Carol A. Lajoie and Mr. Joseph Lajoie
Mrs. Catherine F. Lamantia and Mr. Vince J. Lamantia
Mrs. Carole P. Lamb and Mr. Paul H. Lamb III
Mrs. Ellen H. Land and Mr. Brian R. Land
Dr. Amy G. Lane
Mrs. Joy Lansing and Mr. Theodore H. Lansing, Jr.
Mrs. Lori M. Lataillade
Mrs. Dawn E. Latane and Dr. David E. Latane, Jr.
Mr. Ritchie L. Latulipe, Sr.
Dr. Ginly T. Lau and Dr. Robert L. Hilton
Dr. Andrew P. Lawhorne
Mr. Thomas M. Layman
Mrs. Freda J. Layne and Mr. Jack D. Layne, Jr.
Ms. Pamela R. Layne
Mrs. Judith D. Layne and Mr. Robert T. Layne
Ms. Minh T. Le
Dr. Carrie W. LeCrom and Mr. Erwan Le Crom
Ms. Trina Hoppin Lee
Dr. N. Ray Lee
Mrs. Kathleen M. Lee and Mr. Robert E. Lee III
Mrs. Lynn M. Legg and Dr. Jeffrey S. Legg
Mrs. Monty Leitch and Mr. Marshall K. Leitch
Mrs. Kathleen L. Lemelin and Mr. Kenneth Lemelin
Mrs. Betty R. Lennon and Mr. Sean B. Lennon
Ms. Jacqueline T. Lenzi
Mrs. Jean L. Leonard and Mr. Mark T. Leonard
Mrs. Frances M. Leslie and Mr. Earl R. Leslie, Jr.
Dr. Barbara T. Lester and Mr. Ronald W. Lester
Ms. Therese M. Levandoski
Mrs. Gertrude C. Levitin and Dr. Donald G. Levitin
Mrs. Victoria W. Levy and Mr. John J. Levy
Mrs. Susan Levy and Dr. Mayer G. Levy
Mrs. Claire J. Lewis
Mrs. Anne B. Lewis and Mr. John W. Lewis
Dr. Aron H. Lichtman
Mrs. Robin B. Liesfeld and Mr. Lawrence H. Liesfeld
Dr. Susan S. Lin and Mr. Ken Hamady
Mrs. Jane H. Linas and Mr. Howard M. Linas
Mrs. Susan L. Lindner and Mr. Douglas L. Lindner
Ms. Rose C. Lindsey
Mr. Langdon Lindsey
Mr. Cecil L. Lintecum, Jr.
Mrs. Ellen S. Lipps and Mr. Douglas O. Lipps
Mrs. Mary N. Lippy and Mr. Edward T. Lippy, Jr.
Mrs. Anita S. Lisk and Mr. Thomas A. Lisk
Mrs. Kara C. Liston and Dr. Todd C. Liston
Mrs. Gail J. Littleton
Mrs. Alice Livingston and Mr. Richard M. Livingston, Jr.
Mrs. Kimberly P. Lloyd and Mr. William P. Lloyd
Mrs. Kay C. Lloyd and Mr. Larry Lloyd
Mrs. Michaux M. Lloyd and Mr. Richard W. Lloyd
Mr. Daniel Locklair
Mr. Leonard M. Loewen and Mr. Mark Loewen
Mrs. Carole F. Long and Mr. George D. Long
Mrs. Felecia T. Longest and Mr. Paul K. Longest
Dr. Bruce I. Longman
Ms. Elaine W. Loomis
Dr. Mary E. Loos
Mrs. Florence E. Lorenzo and Mr. Jose D. Lorenzo
Mrs. Cassandra Lorie
Mrs. Barbara G. Loth and Mr. John H. Loth
Mrs. Teresa W. Lotts and Mr. Crim C. Lotts
Mrs. Carolyn Loupassi and Mr. Manuel Loupassi
Ms. Diana K. Loveless
Ms. Carley Garris Lovell
Ms. Lisa Jane Lowenstein
Mr. Michael G. Lowery
Ms. Dania M. Luby
Mrs. Barbara-Ann K. Lucas and Mr. Edward P. Lucas
Mrs. Amy Ludwin and Mr. Daniel B. Ludwin
Mrs. Phyllis A. Luppold and Mr. Chris A. Luppold
Mrs. Carole L. Lutness and Mr. David A. Lutness
Dr. Jody B. Lyle and Mr. Bryce H. Lyle
Mr. Ronald D. Lyles
Mr. Cody J. Lyman
Dr. Kathleen B. Lynch and Mr. Richard R. Lynch
Mrs. Courtney A. Lynch
Ms. Nancy W. Lynch and Mr. Jack P. Lynch
Ms. Matilda Frances Lynch
Mrs. Sandra C. Lyttle and Mr. Coleman S. Lyttle
Ms. Tien X. Ma
Mrs. Linda B. MacCleave and Mr. Robert C. MacCleave
Ms. Karen E. MacIntyre
Mrs. Bernadette K. MacKenzie and Mr. Michael R. MacKenzie
Ms. Carol B. Mackey
Mrs. Ashley Mackey and Mr. Jeff G. Cutillo
Mr. Howard Taft Macrae, Jr.
Mrs. Mary Y. Macrina and Dr. Francis L. Macrina
Ms. Leslie C. Madden
Ms. Catherine C. Maffett and Mr. Wayne A. Maffett
Mrs. Margaret S. Magill and Mr. G. David Magill
Mrs. Shakun D. Mago and Mr. Mohit Mago
Mrs. Rebecca A. Maguire and Mr. James E. Maguire, Jr.
Dr. Rhoda L. Mahoney and Dr. John S. Mahoney, Jr.
Mrs. Judith C. Mahoney and Mr. Brian B. Mahoney
Ms. Jane C. Maillet
Mr. Marcus A. Majors
Mrs. Anne L. Malanima and Mr. William A. Malanima
Mrs. Tonya S. Mallory and Mr. Scott W. Mallory
Ms. Lisa Ancarrow-Maltby and Dr. Brian A. Maltby
Mrs. Anne E. Manetas and Dr. Michael S. Manetas
Mr. Randall S. Mangrum
Dr. A. Carole Pratt and Dr. Richard H. Mansell
Mrs. Ellen C. Manson
Ms. Antoinette Gorveatt and Mr. Robert M. Maphis
Ms. Margaret W. Bemiss and Mr. Jeremy P. Marlton
Mr. Brian D. Marroquin
Ms. Samantha W. Marrs and Mr. Gregory T. Marrs
Mr. Brian M. Marsden
Ms. Anne H. Marston
Mrs. Karen A. Martin and Mr. A. Richard Martin
Mrs. Pamela H. Martin and Mr. Christopher J. Martin
Ms. Stephanie L. Martin and Mr. Lowell C. Martin
Mrs. Adrienne Martin and Mr. Robert W. Martin
Mr. W. Christopher Martin
Mrs. Jean Y. Martin
Ms. Barbara Ann Marx
Dr. Joseph Charles Mason
Mrs. Betty H. Mason and Mr. James B. Mason
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Mason and Mr. Richard G. Mason
Mrs. Phyllis W. Mason and Mr. George D. Mason
Mrs. Heather L. Massey and Mr. Ivor N. Massey, Jr.
Mrs. Christine P. Masters and Mr. Michael G. Masters
Ms. Sarah K. Masters
Dr. Barry Matheson
Mrs. D. Melissa Matthews and Mr. Owen M. Matthews
Mr. Frederick N. Matthews
Mrs. Janet H. Mauck
Mrs. Katharine Maxwell and Mr. Henry L. Maxwell, Jr.
Ms. La Verne M. Mayer
Jessie W. Mayhew, Jr., D.D.S.
Mr. Edward J. Maynes, Sr.
Mrs. Debra F. Mayo and Dr. Stephen J. Mayo
Dr. D'Arcy P. Mays III
Mrs. Lois B. Mays and Mr. David M. Mays
Mrs. Marla McAllister and Mr. William C. McAllister
Mrs. Nancy F. McCandlish and Mr. Thomas W. McCandlish
Dr. Martin P. McCann
Mrs. Barbara S. McCants and Mr. David A. McCants
Mrs. Robyn A. McCarthy and Mr. Gregory McCarthy
Ms. Sandra A. McCarver
Mr. Benjamin C. McCary III
Mr. Lyndon S. McClure
Mr. William F. McConnell
Mr. Adam A. McCracken
Mrs. Denise K. McCue
Mrs. Rosemary McCullough and Dr. James P. McCullough, Jr.
Mrs. Susan H. McDaniel and Mr. Richard W. McDaniel
Mr. Brian J. McDaniel
Ms. Shirley R. McDaniel
Dr. Dennis R. McDermott
Mrs. Nancy C. McDonald and Dr. Peter J. McDonald
Mrs. Marion W. McDonald and Mr. Ronald M. McDonald
Mrs. Mary K. McGetrick and Mr. Bradley H. McGetrick
Mrs. Susan K. McGrail and Mr. John P. McGrail, Jr.
Mrs. Anne L. McGraw
Ms. Carol V. McKay
Dr. Sara K. Wilson-McKay and Mr. Steven McKay
Ms. Shauntee N. McKeever
Mrs. Linda A. McKinley and Dr. William O. McKinley
Mrs. Linda B. McLaughlin
Mrs. Page O. McLemore and Mr. Patrick R. McLemore
Ms. Angelina C. McMurray
Mrs. Lynn G. McNally and Mr. Frank J. McNally
Mrs. Annette R. McNally and Mr. James J. McNally
Mr. J. David McNeil
Mrs. Margaret R. McNeny and Mr. Samuel T. McNeny II
Mrs. Frances W. McNew
Mrs. Jana P. McQuaid and Mr. Jason Mcquaid
Ms. Monica T. McRae
Mrs. Mary Ann D. McRainey and Mr. Archibald M. McRainey
Mrs. Ann S. McRee
Mrs. Martha A. Mead and Mr. Henry G. Mead
Dr. Larry Richard Meador
Mr. Angel E. Medina and Mrs. Pamela Medina
Mrs. Beryl E. Medinger and Mr. David A. Friedman
Mrs. Candice P. Meganck and Mr. Robert J. Meganck
Mrs. Denyelle L. Mehfoud and Mr. Anthony M. Mehfoud
Ms. Elizabeth L. Meixner
Mrs. Kerry Mellette and Mr. Peter M. Mellette
Mrs. Marjorie D. Melvin and Mr. Kenneth J. Melvin
Mr. Larry H. Melvin
Mrs. Linda B. Melvin and Mr. Barry F. Melvin
Ms. Magalyn Menard and Mr. Robert C. Menard
Mr. David C. Menk
Mr. William R. Menzie
Ms. Jill M. Mercier and Mr. Bruce E. Mercier
Mrs. Natalie S. Meredith and Mr. Olise C. Meredith III
Mr. Jacob D. Mertz
Mrs. Nancy B. Messick and Mr. Robert H. Messick
Mrs. Theresa G. Metz and Mr. John R. Metz
Mrs. Lynette R. Metzger and Mr. Clyde B. Metzger, Jr.
Mrs. Nena B. Meurlin and Mr. Tyler Meurlin
Mrs. Susan J. Meyers and Mr. Stephen A. Meyers
Mrs. Kathleen F. Michaels and Mr. Robert E. Michaels
Ms. Linda L. Michel
Mrs. Patricia W. Mick and Mr. Kenneth R. Mick
Ms. Karen Kendrick Mier
Dr. Richard J. Milan, Sr.
Mrs. Phyllis A. Miller and Mr. D. Alan Miller
Ms. Pamela A. Miller
Mrs. Gayle L. Miller and Mr. Henry R. Miller IV
Mrs. Kimberly K. Miller and Mr. John R. Miller II
Mrs. Cecile T. Miller and Dr. Thomas E. Miller, Jr.
Mrs. Marion B. Miller
Mrs. Rochelle Millhiser and Mr. Thomas M. Millhiser
Ms. Pauline S. Milligan
Mrs. Tina B. Millner and Mr. Wallace B. Millner III
Mrs. Barbara M. Mills and Mr. James E. Mills
Miss Elizabeth Minter
Mr. James W. Mitchell
Mrs. LaRhue N. Mitchell and Mr. John E. Mitchell
Mrs. Dale F. Moes and Mr. Victor J. Moes
Mrs. Carolyn J. Mohler and Mr. Stephen R. Mohler
Mrs. Lori D. Mollnow and Mr. Kurt Mollnow
Dr. Ruth N. Molokwu
Mrs. Anna P. Monaghan and Mr. Thomas W. Monaghan, Jr.
Mrs. Julia B. Monroe and Mr. D. Reilly Monroe
Dr. Sara G. Monroe and Dr. Paul S. Monroe
Dr. Jane G. Montgomery and Dr. David J. Montgomery
Mr. Terrence M. Moore
Mrs. Sara G. Moore and Mr. Robert R. Moore, Jr.
Mrs. Lauren Z. Moore and Mr. S. Elliott Moore
Mrs. Alexandra F. Moore and Mr. Mitchell L. Moore
Mrs. Patricia B. Moore and Mr. W. Lawrence Moore
Dr. Anne L. Chandler and Dr. John W. Moore
Mrs. Laura O. Moore and Dr. French H. Moore III
Mrs. Juliana P. Moore and Mr. Sandy J. Moore III
Ms. Christina Morales-Eddy and Mr. James Eddy
Mrs. Kathleen B. Moran and Mr. Paul M. Moran
Ms. Elizabeth J. Moran
Ms. Phylliss M. Moret
Ms. Mary Reaves Morgan
Mr. James P. Morgan, Jr.
Dr. Oonagh Loughran and Dr. Iain M. Morgan
Mrs. Francine F. Morgan and Mr. Norman M. Morgan
Dr. Carol S. Shapiro-Morgan and Lt. Col. Donald Morgan
Ms. Carrol E. Morgan
Mrs. Winnie W. Morgan and Mr. G. Kenneth Morgan
Mrs. Sheila M. Morris and Mr. Michael A. Morris
Ms. Cynthia M. Morris
Mrs. Cynthia B. Morris and Dr. Glenwood E. Morris
Dr. Charlotte C. Morse
Ms. Deborah D. Morton
Mr. Matthew K. Morton
Mr. Mark Morton
Mrs. Nancy S. Moseley
Mrs. Jean B. Moseley
Mrs. Barbara C. Mostiler and Dr. T. Wayne Mostiler
Dr. Donna L. Mott
Mr. Thomas L. Mountcastle
Dr. James K. Muehleck
Mrs. Margaret S. Mulcahy
Mr. Preston H. Mulford, II
Dr. Gregory J. Mullins
Mr. Joseph B. Murchison
Ms. Nancy Fowler and Dr. Susan J. Murdock
Ms. Pamela A. Murphy
Ms. Jo S. Murphy and Mr. Thomas J. Murphy
Ms. Ann H. Murphy
Ms. Jenifer Murphy
Mr. Allen J. Murphy, Jr.
Mrs. Helen T. Murphy and The Honorable W. Tayloe Murphy, Jr.
Mrs. Stephanie D. Murphy and Mr. Anthony P. Murphy
Mrs. Christine M. Muse and Mr. William T. Muse
Mrs. Barbara J. Mussell and Mr. Christopher J. Mussell
Mrs. Debra A. Muzuruk and Mr. Fred Muzuruk
Mrs. Nina T. Myers and Mr. Frank Myers, Jr.
Mrs. Karen Z. Myers and Mr. James R. Myers
Mr. Arthur R. R. Myers, Jr.
Mrs. Marie M. Myers and Mr. Richard S. Myers
Mrs. Connie C. Mykleby and Dr. Brian A. Mykleby
Mrs. Concepcion A. Myrtetus and Mr. E. Duffy Myrtetus
Mrs. Amy Nadder and Mr. Vincent J. Nadder
Mr. Joseph S. Nadder III
Mrs. Wendy Nagel and Dr. Martin R. Nagel
Mr. Jason P. Nagy
Mrs. Leah S. Narro and Mr. Maximo S. Narro
Mrs. Linda Nash and Mr. Stephen P. Nash
Ms. Linda A. Natale
Mrs. Audra Neagle and Mr. Justin Neagle
Mrs. Catherine T. Neale and Mr. Hobby M. Neale
Mrs. Trudy Neiderer and Mr. John A. Neiderer
Ms. Carol Ann Neiman
Mrs. Elaine Neisz and Mr. Richard W. Neisz
Mrs. Anne D. Nelson
Ms. Jane W. Nelson
Ms. Michele L. Nelson and Mr. David Nelson
Mrs. Gloria J. Nemir and Mr. Lewell P. Nemir
Mrs. Betty L. Nester
Mrs. Sandra Neumann and Dr. Paul A. Neumann
Mrs. Janine Loiselle-Newbern and Dr. J. Marshall Newbern
Ms. Hong H. Bui and Mr. Lanhuong T. Nguyen
Mrs. Hang N. Nguyen and Dr. Duc T. Nguyen
Mr. Timmy H. Nguyen
Ms. Maryanne MacMurren and Mr. Philip W. Nichols
Dr. Ann M. Nichols-Casebolt
Mr. Kevin L. Nicholson
Mrs. Lucy S. Nix and Dr. John T. Nix, Jr.
Mr. Ronald Nixon
Mrs. Clare L. Noble and Mr. Marc H. Noble
Mr. Jesse L. Lacy and Mr. Cameron L. Noel
Mrs. Karen C. Noel and Mr. Richard S. Noel, Jr.
Mrs. Sandra H. Nogi
Mr. Charles R. Noll
Mrs. Meredith Norbo and Dr. Justin R. Norbo
Ms. Mary K. Norfleet McIvor
Mrs. Myrna Z. Norman and Mr. Morton P. Norman
Ms. Anna A. Novikova
Mrs. Samantha N. Nuckols and Mr. Michael E. Nuckols
Ms. Rita L. Nuckols
Mrs. Cherie G. Nuckols and Mr. Earl T. Nuckols, Jr.
Mrs. Susan L. Nunnally and Mr. Richard A. Nunnally
Mrs. Barbara B. Nunnally and Mr. Robert L. Nunnally
Ms. Sharon M. Nuzik and Mr. Anil Chatterji
Dr. Carla J. Nye and Mr. Edward T. Nye
Mrs. Eugenia L. Oakey and Mr. John M. Oakey, Jr.
Ms. Jillian O'Brien and Mr. Andrew R. O'Brien
Mrs. Marilyn B. O'Connor and Mr. Joseph D. O'Connor
Mary Alice O'Donnell, Ph.D.
Ms. Jane E. O'Donohue
Mrs. Mary Anne B. Oettinger
Ms. Elaine S. Ogburn and Mr. Thomas P. Ogburn
Ms. Theresa B. Okes and Mr. Gary Okes
Mary E. Olbrisch, Ph.D.
Ms. Kathleen N. Oleson and Mr. Rick L. Oleson
Mr. Christopher G. Oley
Dr. Marya Olgas
Ms. Katherine Oliver
Mrs. Cindy Olson and Mr. Eric L. Olson
Mrs. Cara Jean L. O'Neal and Mr. Brian O'Neal
Mrs. Michelle L. Orr and Mr. Timothy M. Orr
Ms. Susan E. Orr
Mrs. Elizabeth P. Orr and Mr. Samuel M. Orr III
Mrs. Karen O. Orrison and Mr. Charles R. Orrison, Jr.
Mrs. Lynda P. Osborn and Mr. G. Steven Osborn
Mrs. Candace H. Osdene
Ms. Michi Ouchi
Mr. Frosty Owen
Mrs. Susan F. Owens and Mr. Mike Owens
Mrs. Anita L. Owens and Mr. Daniel C. Owens
Mrs. Celia Pace and Mr. T. J. Pace
Mr. Raymond Pace
Mrs. Jessie B. Paciocco and Mr. Robert J. Paciocco
Mrs. Karen E. Packer and Mr. Michael R. Packer
Mildred M. Padow, M.D.
Mrs. Angela H. Pagac and Mr. Frank J. Pagac, Jr.
Mrs. Elaine O. Pagano and Mr. Mark Pagano
Dr. Jamelle D. Paige and Dr. Jason R. Paige
Dr. Amy L. Pakyz
Mrs. Karen A. Palen and Dr. J. John Palen
Mr. Arthur I. Palmer, III
Mr. Jonathan A. Palumbo
Mr. Lee N. Pambid
Mrs. N. Karen Paone and Mr. Domenic A. Paone
Mr. Alexander M. Papajohn
Mrs. Anne Marie Pardue and Mr. Wayne T. Pardue
Mrs. Maureen B. Parel and Dr. Stephen M. Parel
Mrs. Carol B. Parker
Ms. Tracy W. Parker
Mrs. Rebecca H. Parks and Mr. Michael Parks
Ms. Victoria G. Parrish
Mrs. Pamela S. Parrish and Mr. Hidmore D. Parrish, Jr.
Mrs. Sally A. Parrish and Mr. O. H. Parrish, Jr.
Mrs. Christine D. Parrott
Dr. Pamela L. Parsons and Mr. Glenn S. Parsons
Mrs. Judith B. Patch and Mr. Ralph E. Patch
Ms. Pamela M. Patrom
Mrs. Kyla C. Patterson
Mrs. Marion F. Patterson and Mr. Donald E. Patterson
Mrs. Alverta D. Patterson
Mr. Charles Richard Patton, Jr.
Mrs. Joyce A. Payne and Mr. Michael D. Payne
Mrs. Chandra Broadnax-Payne and Mr. Christopher L. Payne
Mrs. Mary H. Peacock-Pully
Mrs. Tricia Pearsall and Mr. John W. Pearsall III
Ms. Linda E. Pearson
Dr. Christian Sargent Peck
Mrs. Serena F. Pelissier and Mr. Jaime Pelissier
Dr. Joan M. Pellegrini
Mrs. Geraldine R. Pendlebury and Mr. David Pendlebury
Ms. Susan Pereira
Dr. Gwendolyn D. Perkins
Mrs. Patricia R. Perkins and Mr. J. Edmund Perkins
Mrs. Diane A. Perkins and Mr. Robert R. Perkins
Mr. Derrick N. Perkins
Mrs. Kathryn K. Perkinson and Mr. Hiram Perkinson III
Mrs. Bettie C. Perry and Mr. Kenneth M. Perry
Ms. Barbara R. Peskin
Mrs. Kari E. Pessarra and Mr. Lance L. Pessarra
Mrs. Sheila C. Peters
Mrs. D. Sarah Peterson
Mrs. Leigh R. Peterson and Mr. Terren J. Peterson
Dr. Robert N. Petrtyl
Mr. Josiah Pewterbaugh
Mrs. Jennifer A. Pfitzner and Mr. Travis W. Pfitzner
Mrs. Beverly E. Pflugrath and Mr. Charles O. Pflugrath
Mrs. Margaret O. Pfohl and Mr. Timothy S. Pfohl
Mrs. Darla Phillips and Mr. Ronald W. Phillips
Mr. Everett Phillips
Ms. Linda M. Phillips
Ms. Karen E. Phillips and Mr. R. Scott Phillips
Mrs. Marcia R. Phillips and Mr. M. Dale Phillips
Mr. Donald W. Phillips
Mr. Gardner G. Phillips, Jr.
Mrs. Susan E. Phillips and Mr. Christopher J. Phillips
Mrs. Ann C. Phipps and Mr. John D. Phipps
Mrs. Barbara A. Pickels and Mr. Allen B. Pickels, Jr.
Mrs. Michele M. Picou and Mr. Glenn C. Picou
Mrs. Ruth Jones Pierce
Dr. Diana M. Graviria and Dr. Jon A. Pike
Ms. Adrienne T. Pilot
Mr. Steven H. Pinchefsky
Mrs. Rebecca S. Piper and Dr. James A. Piper
Mrs. Sharmine Y. Pithwalla and Dr. Yezdi B. Pithawalla
Mr. Thomas G. Pitts, Jr.
Ms. Judith H. Planzer
Mr. Robert L. Plaskett, Jr.
Ms. Susan S. Plaster
Ms. Deborah G. Pleasants
Mr. Roy W. Plunkett
Ms. Valerie A. Poarch-Harding
Mrs. Phyllis T. Poats and Mr. Eugene Poats
Ms. Erin G. Poburka
Ms. Kelly Pocta
Mrs. Melody M. Podraza and Dr. Kenneth F. Podraza
Mr. Cutting J. Polakiewicz
Ms. Carole A. Poland and Mr. James H. Poland
Mrs. Margaret J. Poland and Mr. Robert L. Poland, Jr.
Mr. John L. Poling
Mrs. Susan B. Pollard and Mr. Christopher E. Pollard, Sr.
Mrs. Martha M. Pollard
Ms. Suzanne C. Pollard
Mrs. Dawn M. Pope and Mr. John P. Pope
Mrs. Hattie W. Powell
Dr. Mathis K. Powelson and Dr. Stephen W. Powelson
Mrs. Mary Ellen Power
Dr. Lissa Power-DeFur
Mrs. Teresa H. Powers and Mr. Thomas C. Powers
Dr. Karen A. Rader and Dr. John C. Powers
Mr. William B. Poynter
Andrea L. Pozez, M.D.
Dr. Arthur J. Prange, Jr.
Mr. Matthew Prebble
Mrs. Patricia K. Price and Mr. Edward Price
Mrs. Nancy Priddy and Mr. Timothy H. Priddy
Mrs. Janell H. Pridgen and Mr. James D. Pridgen, Jr.
Dr. Anita H. Prince and Mr. S. Stanley Prince
Mrs. Lauren S. Prince
Mrs. Barbara A. Proffitt and Mr. William L. Proffitt
Ms. Tracye B. Proffitt and Mr. George Proffitt, Jr.
Mrs. Martha O. Proutt and Mr. Robert J. Proutt, Jr.
CAPT Elisabeth T. Provenzano and Mr. Richard J. Provenzano
Dr. Ellen S. Pruett and Mr. Edward S. Pruett
Mr. Joshua Pucci
Mrs. Sherri R. Puccinelli and Mr. John P. Puccinelli
Ms. Nicole T. Pugh and Mr. Steven D. Pugh
Dr. Mary A. Pugh and Mr. Jerry Pugh
Dr. Carol B. Pugh and Dr. Mark C. Pugh
Mrs. Linda Purcell and Mr. Keith W. Purcell
Mrs. Patricia P. Pusey
Mrs. Jill B. Quinley and Mr. John R. Quinley
Mrs. Mary Jo Qureshi and Dr. Ghulam D. Qureshi
Mrs. Claire C. Raabe and Mr. Richard C. Raabe
Mrs. Sherri S. Racer and Mr. John F. Racer
Mrs. Jean A. Rackowski and Mr. Henry M. Rackowski, Jr.
Mr. James L. Raines
Mr. Norman Gibbs Rainock
Ms. Elsie M. Rakes
Mr. Frank W. Rambo
Ms. Anita F. Ramos
Mrs. Ann W. Ramsey and Mr. Richard L. Ramsey
Pat Randall, MHA
Ms. Bonnie H. Ransone and Mr. Baynard H. Ransone
Mrs. Monica Rao and Dr. Michael S. Rao
Mrs. Martha T. Raper and Mr. Mark I. Raper
Mrs. Julia B. Ratliff and Mr. Graham Ratliff
Ms. Marika A. Rawles
Mrs. Susan O. Rawlings and Mr. John P. Rawlings
Ms. Susan Y. Rawls
Dr. Shinjni Razdan and Mr. Ashish Bassi
Ms. Diana L. Reardon
Mrs. Yolanda R. Reavis and Mr. H. Lindsay Reavis
Dr. Theresa B. Recupero and Dr. Stephen E. Recupero
Mrs. Lynn S. Redd and Mr. Lewis B. Redd
Ms. Lillian M. Redd
Ms. Aimee E. Redford and Mr. Robert L. Broadney III
Dr. Archer L. Redmond
Dr. Martha A. Redstrom-Plourd
Mrs. Susan J. Reed and Mr. Gordon W. Reed III
Ms. Frances B. Reid
Dr. Michael E. Reimer
Dr. Tina O. Ressler and Mr. Michael J. Ressler
Ms. Patricia Bowman Resto
Mrs. Cynthia S. Reynolds and Mr. Geoffrey T. Reynolds
Mrs. Susan V. Reynolds and Mr. Randolph N. Reynolds, Sr.
Ms. Melissa D. Rhoades-Latham and Mr. Vernon D. Latham
Mr. Brian Rhodes
Mrs. Audrey S. Rhone and Dr. Henry G. Rhone
Mrs. Lillian R. Rhudy and Mr. Ralph Rhudy
Mrs. Helene Rice and Dr. Collin N. Rice
Mr. Paul A. Rice
Mrs. Karen M. Rice and Mr. William T. Rice
Mrs. Diane Richter and Dr. Randy R. Richter
Dr. Thomas S. Ridder
Ms. Carol R. Ridderhof and Mr. David E. Ridderhof
Dr. Lillian Davis Riddick
Ms. Amy W. Rider and Mr. William M. Rider
Dr. Emmett L. Ridley
Mr. Jerry Coleman Riggins
Mrs. Kelly Riggs and Mr. Kristopher Riggs
Mr. David E. Ringle
Mrs. Janet Ringle
Mr. Michael E. Rinko, Jr.
Mr. F. Scott Ripley and Mrs. Michele Ripley
Ms. Mary Ann Riter
Ms. Anita Rivard
Mrs. Alice H. Rivas and Mr. Edward J. Rivas
Ms. Lynna M. Roane
Mrs. Alexa Robbins and Mr. Thomas E. Robbins
Mrs. Jacqueline L. Roberts and Mr. Larry T. Roberts
Ms. Mary D. Roberts-Gabay
Mrs. Eleanor M. Robertson and Mr. Timothy W. Robertson
Dr. Janice C. Robertson and Mr. Thomas C. Robertson
Mrs. Stacey W. Westfall and Mr. Sean K. Robertson
Mrs. Elizabeth W. Robertson and Mr. Gregory B. Robertson
Mrs. Volha Robertson and Dr. Richard T. Robertson
Dr. Jo Lynne W. Robins
Mrs. Laurinda K. Robinson and Mr. William T. Robinson
Mrs. Joan L. Robinson and Mr. Norman K. Robinson
Mr. Morgan D. Robinson
Miss Latoya M. Robinson
Mrs. Joyce B. Robinson
Ms. Sheila Robinson
Valerie J. Robnolt, Ph.D.
Ms. Alexsis Rodgers
Mrs. Bell-Jo M. Rodgers
Mrs. Mary Anne A. Rodriguez and Dr. Gilberto E. Rodriguez
Mrs. Virginia H. Roe and Mr. Patrick L. Roe
Mrs. Nancy I. Roes and Mr. Karl Roes
Mrs. Vicky B. Rogers
Dr. Muriel B. Rogers
Mrs. Teresa I. Roland and Mr. George S. Roland
Mrs. Cheryl A. Roland and Mr. Donald S. Roland
Mrs. Paige G. Rollert and Dr. Michael K. Rollert
Mrs. Patricia W. Rollison and Mr. John A. Rollison
Mrs. Deborah L. Romano and Mr. Patrick A. Romano, Jr.
Mrs. Linda S. Roof and Mr. Philip L. Roof, Jr.
Ms. Marilyn Cox Rooney
Ms. Evette T. Roots
Mrs. Mary K. Roper and Mr. George H. Roper
Mrs. Sharon K. Rose and Dr. Douglas G. Rose
Mr. Robert A. Rose
Mrs. Barbara J. Rose and Dr. Barry L. Rose
Mrs. Cynthia V. Rose and Dr. Meredith B. Rose
Dr. Jennifer T. Rose and Mr. Steven M. Rose
Ms. Barbara F. Rosen
Mrs. Margaret A. Rosen and Dr. Fred P. Rosen
Mrs. Cynthia D. Rosen and Mr. Thomas I. Rosen
Mrs. Barbara H. Ross and Mr. Donald S. Ross
Ms. Virginia Ross
Mrs. Beverly E. Ross and Mr. Leo H. Ross
Mrs. Christine E. Ross and Dr. R. Douglas Ross
Dr. Claire M. Myers and Dr. Michael A. Rossetti
Mrs. Jane N. Rothrock and Mr. James A. Rothrock
Mrs. Patricia J. Rourk
Ms. Courtney B. Rowe and Mr. Scott Rowe
Miss B. A. Rowe
Ms. Sarah Z. Rowland and Mr. Joe G. Alexander
Mrs. Deborah I. Roy and Mr. William H. Roy
Ms. Jennifer L. Royal
Ms. Deborah D. Oswalt and Mr. Mark E. Rubin
Mrs. Phyllis M. Rubinstein and Mr. Ronald J. Rubinstein
Ms. Cheri Ruch
Mr. McDaniel Rucker IV
Mrs. Mona D. Rudder and Mr. Hubert C. Rudder, Jr.
Ms. Laurie J. Huber Rufe
Mrs. Carmen E. Rush and Mr. Joseph B. Rush
Mrs. Elaine H. Rush and Mr. Charles Rush
Ms. Karen J. Russell
Mrs. Lucinda H. Russell and Mr. C. Edward Russell, Jr.
Mrs. Wanda S. Russo
Mrs. Jessica T. Ryan and Mr. Andrew K. Ryan
Ms. Alison A. Ryan
Ms. Susan G. Ryan
Mrs. Claudia D. Ryan and Dr. John J. Ryan
Dr. Linda Ryder
Dr. Melissa C. Ryman and Dr. Gregg A. Ryman
Mrs. Ivy T. Sager and Mr. Robert G. Sager
Mrs. Angela Saggese and Mr. Daniel J. Saggese
Mrs. Beverly Z. Salasky and Mr. Stan J. Salasky
Ms. Leslie Salazar
Mrs. Terri Salera and Mr. Carl F. Salera
Dr. Jeanne Salyer
Dr. Cora S. Salzberg
Mr. James L. Sampson, Jr.
Ms. Angela J. Sanders and Dr. Mark G. Malkin
Dr. Gail E. Honea and Dr. Frank A. Sansone
Mrs. Martha C. Santoro and Mr. Michael L. Santoro, Jr.
Ms. Julia G. Sauder
Mrs. Jennifer B. Saufley and Mr. Randall B. Saufley
Mrs. Carolyn A. Saunders and Mr. Thomas A. Saunders, Jr.
Mrs. Victoria B. Saunders and Mr. Paul H. Saunders
Ms. Elizabeth A. Curran and Mr. Robert J. Saunders
Mrs. Sarah P. Sautter and Dr. Scott W. Sautter
Mrs. Laura S. Savage and Mr. David B. Savage
Dr. Beverly A. Sawyer and Dr. Stephen T. Sawyer
Dr. Paula B. Saxby and Dr. Stephen P. Saxby
Dr. Walter E. Saxon Jr.
Mrs. Janice A. Schalow and Mr. Alvin J. Schalow, Jr.
Mrs. Barbara A. Schellhammer and Dr. Paul F. Schellhammer
Mrs. Mareke M. Schiller and Mr. Heinz Schiller
Mr. Joseph J. Schilling
Mrs. Joan A. Schlueter and Mr. William E. Schlueter III
Mrs. Anita R. Schneider and Dr. Robert L. Schneider
Mrs. Anita C. Schneider and Mr. Paul M. Schneider
Ms. Mary Branch M. Grove and Mr. Lester P. Schoene, Jr.
Mrs. Nancy Schreier and Mr. Stephen M. Schreier
Miss Hannah C. Schul
Mrs. Janet C. Schultz
Mrs. Molly F. Schutrumpf and Dr. Andrew C. Schutrumpf
Mrs. Mary B. Schwartz and Mr. Richard A. Schwartz
Mrs. Marilyn D. Scott and Mr. Ronald J. Scott
Ms. Nancy M. Scott
Mr. Jeffrey L. Scott
Mrs. Susan B. Scott and Mr. S. Buford Scott
Ms. Elizabeth Scott and Mr. Craig Scott
Mrs. Kay R. Scougal and Mr. Calvin F. Scougal
Mr. Vincent C. Scuderi
Dr. Gaelyn E. Scuderi and Dr. Chris Scuderi
Ms. Ellen G. Seal
Mrs. Lynn Greenberg Seaman
Mrs. Charlene Seamens and Mr. Howard R. Seamens, Jr.
Mrs. Shirley T. Seibert and Mr. John R. Seibert
Dr. Patricia M. Selig and Mr. David R. Selig
Mrs. Karen W. Semones and Dr. Charles A. Semones
Ms. Nancy B. Sensabaugh
Ms. Cornelia C. Serota
Mr. Joshua B. Sessions
Mrs. Constance J. Setliff and Mr. Robert R. Setliff
Mrs. Casandra H. Setser and Mr. Gregory M. Setser
Mrs. Kathleen H. Shalaski and Mr. Thomas M. Shalaski
Mrs. Wilma R. Sharp and Mr. Marc B. Sharp
Mr. Michael Sharpe
Mrs. Janice C. Shaughnessy and Mr. Bland E. Shaughnessy
Ms. Kathleen Shaw
Dr. Meghan E. Shaw
Mrs. Jayne D. Shaw and Mr. Brian D. Shaw
Ms. Nancy L. Costello and Mr. Wallace B. Shaw
Christine M. Sheehy, Ph.D
Mrs. Ellen R. Sheehy and Mr. Coleman M. Sheehy, Jr.
Mrs. Doris Sheets and Mr. Thomas A. Sheets
Ms. Pamela P. Yates and Dr. John Shelton
Dr. Marcia A. Shelton
Ms. Nancy K. Shenk
Mrs. Joy Shepherd and Mr. Van M. Shepherd
Mrs. Rebecca H. Shermer and Mr. Samuel A. Shermer
Dr. Margaret Shih
Mrs. Barbara B. Ship and Mr. Andrew G. Ship
Mrs. Barbara S. Shocket
Ms. Debra P. Shockey and Mr. Donald W. Shockey
Mrs. Sharon J. Shortridge and Mr. Douglas M. Shortridge
Mrs. Janet C. Showalter and Mr. Edwin L. Showalter
Mrs. Carol B. Showker and Mr. Frederick N. Showker
Mr. Richard L. Shumaker
Dr. Joan M. Shumaker
Mrs. Michele A. Shuman and Mr. Ricky L. Shuman
Mr. Daniel B. Shunfenthal
Mrs. Heather G. Shurm and Dr. John S. Shurm, Jr.
Mrs. Mary R. Siegal and Dr. Robert R. Siegel
Mrs. Katie W. Siegel and Mr. Hugh A. Siegel
Mrs. Alice H. Siegel
Mrs. Anne C. Silverman and Dr. Robert A. Silverman
Mrs. Judy H. Silverman and Dr. Harvey Silverman
Dr. Janet A. Silvester and Dr. Michael J. Silvester
Mrs. Marjorie M. Simmons and Dr. Joe L. Simmons
Dr. Charles J. Simon
Dr. Lauren M. Simon
Dr. Dianne F. Simons and Mr. George J. Simons
Dr. Faresha L. Sims
Ms. Michael A. Singer and Mr. Clifford S. Singer
Ms. Theresa Ann Singleton
Dr. Craig A. Sirles
Mrs. Sandra Waline Sisisky
Mrs. Jennifer L. Sisk and Mr. Geoffrey P. Sisk
Dr. Anna Rozaki-Sismanis and Dr. Aristides Sismanis
Mrs. Loretta F. Sisson
Mrs. Sara Sitkiewicz and Mr. Gregory K. Sitkiewicz
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Siwiec and Mr. Dean M. Siwiec
Mr. Kermit W. Skinner, Jr.
Mr. J. Mark Slack IV
Ms. K. C. E. Sledd and Mr. Adam C. Sledd
Mrs. Susan R. Slough and Dr. Wayne M. Slough
Mrs. Joyce A. Smalley and Mr. John A. Smalley
Mrs. Barbara H. Smith
Ms. Nan L. Smith
Mrs. Jean D. Smith and Mr. Dennis P. Smith
Mrs. Jeanne Smith and Mr. Ronald D. Smith
Mrs. Barbara D. Smith and Dr. Mark P. Smith
Mrs. Barbara J. Smith
Mrs. Julia G. Smith and Mr. David H. Smith
Mrs. Nancy C. Smith and Mr. R. K. Smith, Jr.
Mrs. Dana B. Smith and Mr. Mark R. Smith
Mr. Cheslie L. Smith and Mrs. Penny K. Smith
Mrs. Anna Smith and Mr. Daniel M. Smith, Jr.
Mrs. Dianne H. Smith and Mr. Daniel K. Smith
Mrs. Susan S. Smith and Mr. David H. Smith
Mr. Steven S. Smith
Mrs. Nancy M. Smith and Mr. Mark S. Smith
Mrs. Bonnie D. Smith and Mr. James B. Smith
Mr. Mark A. Smucker
Mrs. Misty G. Snead and Mr. Brandon R. Snead
Mr. Anthony C. Snell
Mrs. Renee L. Snell and Mr. Joshua N. Snell
Mrs. Virginia Ann P. Sniffin and Mr. Edgar D. Sniffin
Mrs. Kathryn Soiland and Mr. Michael S. Soiland
Mr. Coveh J. Solaimani
Ms. Pam A. Somma
Dr. Sandra R. Sommer and Mr. Steven A. Sommer
Mrs. Jane D. Sorah and Mr. Robert E. Sorah
Ms. Lisa M. Sosik
Mrs. Barbara R. Souders
Mrs. Tabitha G. Southworth and Mr. Hunter Southworth, Jr.
Mr. Scott T. Robinson and Mr. Matthew F. Spady
Mrs. Nancy S. Spain and Mr. William R. Spain
Mrs. Gloria D. Spain
Mrs. Ebony M. Sparkes and Mr. Jamel M. Sparkes
Dr. Deborah L. Speece
Mrs. Elizabeth T. Speegle and Dr. John H. Speegle
Mrs. Patricia R. Spencer and Mr. L. Easley Spencer
Mrs. Miranda C. Spera and Mr. Charles P. Spera
Mr. James N. Spindle Sr.
Dr. Michael A. Spinelli
Dr. Edward M. Spratley
Dr. Tracey L. Spriggs and Dr. David R. Compton
Dr. Joseph K. St. Clair, Jr.
Mrs. Sara K. Stafford and Dr. George C. Stafford, Jr.
Ms. Betty M. Stagg
Mr. Robert B. Stagg
Ms. Mary T. Doherty and Mr. Thomas B. Staley, Jr.
Mrs. Tracy K. Stallings and Mr. Thomas J. Stallings
Mrs. Mary P. Stalnaker and Mr. Albert W. Stalnaker III
Ms. Leetah M. Stanley
Dr. Karen L. Stanley
Mrs. Janet B. Stape and Mr. Keith A. Stape
Mrs. Theresa O. Staples and Mr. Jeffry A. Staples
Mrs. Judith F. Starkey and Mr. James H. Starkey III
Mrs. Tracy L. Stauffer
Mrs. Janet C. Stegeman and Mr. William D. Stegeman
Mrs. Kimberly Steger and Dr. Carl M. Steger
Mr. Ephraim Steinberg
Dr. Susan M. Stella and Mr. Craig L. Stella
Mrs. Barbara A. Stephenson and Mr. Peter Stephenson
Mrs. Shannon Stepp and Mr. Kirk Stepp
Mr. Rodney L. Steppe
Dr. Lillian F. Stevens and Dr. Michael P. Stevens
Ms. Margaret E. Stevens
Mrs. Lynn B. Stevenson and Mr. William H. Stevenson III
Ms. Jo Anne Stevenson
Mr. James S. Stewart
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Stewart and Mr. Alan R. Stewart
Ms. Jamie M. Stillman and Mr. Robert M. Stillman
Dr. Rodney L. Stiltner
Ms. Susan Stinchcomb
Dr. Annie M. Stith-Willis
Mr. Adam Stitzer
Mrs. Patricia Stockton and Dr. Sherrill W. Stockton, Jr.
Ms. Candi L. Alvarado and Mr. Joshua A. Stolberg
Mrs. Christina B. Stoneburner and Mr. Lewis T. Stoneburner
Ms. Lynn Stonnell
Mrs. Nancy S. Storie and Mr. James C. Storie
Ms. Lisa A. Storms and Mr. David W. Roberts, Jr.
Mrs. Stephanie A. B. Stover
Mrs. Michelle G. Stover and Mr. G. Edward Stover, Jr.
Mrs. Billie C. Stowell and Mr. Joseph G. Stowell
Ms. Stephanie D. Kohan and Mr. James A. Strasbourger
Ms. Sean E. Athey and Mr. David J. Strayer
Dr. Jason M. Streem
Ms. Mary T. Strickland
Mrs. Jan Strickland and Mr. Mack Strickland
Mrs. Tamara B. Stroble and Mr. Clinton D. Stroble
Mrs. Susan T. Struder and Mr. Stephen K. Struder
Mrs. Patricia A. Stuckey
Mr. W. Patrick Sullivan
Ms. Cathleen M. Surface
Mr. Eric W. Surratt
Dr. Kevin Sutherland
Mr. Thomas R. Suydam
Mrs. Claudia Svirsky and Dr. John A. Svirsky
Mr. Michael J. Sweeney
Dr. Rebecca S. Swett and Dr. David D. Swett
Mrs. Elise H. Switz and Dr. Donald M. Switz
Mrs. Mary Jane N. Sydnor
Mrs. Anne B. Sydnor and Dr. Clement A. Sydnor III
Mrs. Jill C. Sykes and Mr. Daniel E. Sykes
Mrs. Victoria Szentpetery and Dr. Szabolcs Szentpetery
Mrs. Ruth H. Szucs and Dr. Richard A. Szucs
Dr. Allison Y. Ta and Dr. Hieu T. Ta
Ms. Deborah Talbot
Mrs. Linda B. Talley and Mr. David B. Talley
Mrs. Man Y. Liu and Mr. Shing Y. Tang
Dr. Mildred K. Tannen
Mrs. Anne D. Tanner and Mr. Ronald J. Tanner
Ms. Mary B. Taormina and Mr. Lawson J. Heggie
Mrs. Lee V. Tatem
Mrs. Kelly E. Tattersall and Mr. Kirk Tattersall
Mrs. Rodney P. Tattersall and Mr. Fred T. Tattersall
Ms. Inez Smallwood and Mr. Thomas W. Tatum
Mrs. Melissa M. Taylor and Mr. Robert W. Taylor
Mrs. Willie Belle Taylor
Mrs. Frances F. Taylor and Mr. Andrew C. Taylor III
Ms. Anita H. Taylor and Mr. Samuel S. Taylor, Jr.
Mrs. Janet K. Taylor and Mr. Richard W. Taylor
Ms. Dana E. Taylor
Mrs. Brenda Y. Taylor and Mr. Lee A. Taylor
Mrs. Zoe B. Taylor and Mr. Charles M. Taylor
Mrs. Patricia E. Taylor and Mr. R. Dean Taylor
Mrs. Carol F. Temple and Mr. George M. Temple, Sr.
Mrs. Linda B. Terrell and Mr. Paul E. Terrell, Jr.
Mrs. Dianne H. Tew and Mr. Edgar A. Tew
Mrs. Peggy A. Tharp and Mr. Lewis H. Tharp
Mrs. Susan G. Thews and Dr. Marvin E. Thews, Jr.
Ms. June O. Thomas and Mr. William S. Thomas, Jr.
Ms. Dorothy H. Thomas
Mrs. Ann Thomas and Mr. James L. Thomas
Miss Sarah E. Thomas
Ms. Rebecca C. Shaw and Mr. Joseph N. Thomas IV
Mrs. Paula Thomas and Mr. Paul J. Thomas
Ms. Margaret A. Dessypris Thomas and Mr. Peter E. Thomas
Ms. Jean C. Thomas-Banks
Dr. Nicole J. Thomas-Jackson
Mr. Gregory K. Thompson
Mrs. Rachel Thompson and Mr. Dennis M. Thompson
Mrs. Hasti Thompson and Mr. Ryan N. Thompson
Mr. Robert C. Thoms
Mr. Christopher C. Thurston
Mrs. Renee E. Tierney and Dr. William A. Tierney
Mrs. Trang Ta Tilley
Ms. Clare B. Tilton and Mr. David M. Poole
Mr. Paul Tindall
Ms. Juliet L. Tisdale
Ms. Joanne E. Tocce
Mrs. Denise Y. Togger and Mr. Stephen M. Togger
Ms. Mary Tognarelli
Mrs. Debra W. Tomaselli and Mr. James Tomaselli
Mrs. Patricia Tomasik
Mrs. Mary E. Tombes and Dr. Robert M. Tombes
Dr. Beth L. Torres and Dr. William D. Torres
Mrs. Virginia H. Totten and Mr. Randolph F. Totten
Dr. Peter S. Trager
Dr. My K. Tran and Mr. Kevin Tran
Mrs. Linda Walter Trausch
Ms. Cynthia S. Tresco and Mr. Robert Tresco
Mrs. Stephanie Trescott and Mr. Glenn M. Trescott
Mrs. Susan R. Trigg and Mr. William R. Trigg
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Trop
Mrs. Anne N. Trotta and Mr. James Trotta
Mrs. Eleanor M. Tuck and Mr. David E. Tuck
Ms. Evelyn S. Tucker
Mr. Mark L. Tucker
Mrs. Felita M. Tucker-Battle and Mr. James G. Battle
Ms. Ann M. Tuemler
Mr. Michael E. Tuohy
Mrs. Rita Turner and Dr. James E. Turner
Mrs. Christine E. Turner and Dr. John M. Turner
Ms. Michelle L. Turner and Mr. Andrew McKinnon
Dr. Gregory D. Turner
Mrs. Casey D. Tuthill and Mr. Shawn C. Tuthill II
Mrs. Ruth D. Tutton and Mr. Robert J. Tutton
Mrs. Janet B. Tutton and Dr. Roger H. Tutton
Mrs. Helen T. Tyler and Mr. Larry M. Tyler
Mrs. Katherine B. Ukrop and Mr. J. Edward Ukrop
Mrs. Sandra B. Underhill and Mr. Raymond L. Underhill
Mrs. Amy J. Unger and Mr. Donald L. Unger
Mr. Geoffrey Usher
Mrs. Susan F. Vaden
Mrs. Diane B. Valentine
Mrs. Sandra Y. Van Cleef and Mr. Stephen E. Van Cleef, Jr.
The Reverend Barry N. Van Pelt
Ms. Susan J. Van Pool
Mr. William Hans Van Vleck
Mrs. Donna M. Van Winkle and Mr. L. G. Van Winkle
Ms. Sheila M. Vanada
Ms. Joyce C. Vaughan
Mr. Randall W. Vaughan, Jr.
Mrs. Meenal Veerappan and Mr. Sekar M. Veerappan
Mr. Ryan D. Velazquez
Mrs. Victoria H. Velez and Mr. Raymond C. Velez
Dr. Sandra L. Venegoni
Mr. John A. Venuti, Jr.
Mrs. Elizabeth R. Vergnano and Mr. Mark P. Vergnano
Mrs. Christina L. Verilla and Mr. Richard M. Verilla
Mrs. Barbara H. Vick
Mrs. Cynthia T. Vincent
Mrs. Kristie L. Vota and Dr. Scott A. Vota
Mrs. Laura N. Vranian
Mrs. LaTarsha M. Waddy and Dr. James M. Waddy, Jr.
Mr. Randy D. Wade
Mrs. Anna V. Wagg and Mr. F. E. Wagg
Mrs. Betty J. Wagner and Mr. Robert C. Wagner
Mrs. Gail H. Wagoner and Mr. Forrest S. Wagoner II
The Honorable Carolyn C. Wake and Mr. John B. Wake
Mr. Garry N. Walker
Mrs. Amanda M. Wallace and Mr. Charles D. Wallace, Jr.
Dr. Catherine C. Wallace
Mrs. Shelby W. Wallace and Dr. Donald M. Wallace
Mr. H. Gregory Waller III
Mr. Steven Walls
Mr. Daniel J. Walsh
Mrs. Roberta H. Walsh and Mr. Robert J. Walsh, Sr.
Ms. Cheryl Walsh
Ms. Dorothy L. Walshe
Dr. Denise L. Walters and Mr. Joseph T. Walters
Mrs. En-Ming C. Wang
Mr. David J. Waraksa
Mrs. Beveret P. Ware and Mr. James H. Ware, Jr.
Mrs. Andrea Warfield and Mr. Courtland Warfield, Jr.
Mrs. Florence H. Waring
Mrs. Kim E. Warnick and Mr. Lee T. Warnick
Mrs. Jacqueline B. Warren and Mr. Spencer N. Warren
Mr. Russell J. Warren
Dr. Cheyanne E. Warren and Mr. Nicholas G. Warren
Mrs. Kathryn B. Wash and Mr. Dabney Wash
Ms. Mary J. Washko
Ms. Rachel L. Wasilewski and Mr. James R. Wasilewski
Mrs. Ami Watkins and Mr. John M. Watkins
Mr. James S. Watkinson
Mrs. Katherine W. Watkinson and Mr. Ralph E. Watkinson
Ms. Elizabeth A. Watson
Mrs. Cela A. Watson and The Reverend Dr. H. Douglas Watson
Mr. John D. Watt IV
Dr. Carolyn A. Watts
Mrs. Martha M. Waynick and Mr. Gary L. Waynick
Ms. Sara J. Duggin and Mr. Charles W. Weatherby
Ms. Mary J. Weaver
Mrs. Alicia D. Weaver and Mr. William R. Weaver
Mrs. Patricia H. Webb and Mr. David T. Webb
Dr. Lisa B. Webb
Mrs. Helen A. Keyser Webb
Mrs. Katharine M. Webb and Mr. D. Eugene Webb, Jr.
Mrs. Jean D. Weber and Mr. James T. Weber
Mrs. Donna B. Weed and Mr. Thomas D. Weed
Ms. Beverly K. Battelle and Mr. George W. Weeks
Ms. Joyce Wei
Mrs. Debra Weiland and Mr. Joseph Weiland
Mrs. Leigh Ann C. Weinstein and Mr. Nathan H. Weinstein
Mrs. Jane B. Weirich and Mr. William H. Weirich
Mrs. Kathryn Weiss and Mr. Thomas M. Weiss
Ms. Julie W. Weissend and Mr. Paul J. Weissend
Dr. Linda D. Weistroffer and Dr. Heinz R. Weistroffer
Mrs. Veronica Welch-Williams
Dr. Mabel G. Wells
Mrs. Linda V. Wells and Mr. Robert W. Wells III
Mrs. Barbara S. Wenk and Mr. Brian Wenk
Ms. Tammy P. West
Dr. Julie S. West
Ms. Vivian E. West
Mrs. Betty B. West and Mr. William W. West
Mrs. S. Diane West and Mr. David M. West
Ms. Jessica L. Wester
Mrs. Dixie G. Westerlund and Mr. Donald R. Westerlund
Dr. Angela P. Wetzel
Mrs. Hilary P. Wexler and Mr. Paul J. Wexler
Ms. Rebecca E. Weybright
Mrs. Jane D. Wheless and Dr. Donald E. Wheless
Ms. Doris A. Whitaker
Mrs. Kenan L. White and Mr. B. Briscoe White III
Mrs. Betty P. White and Dr. Raymond P. White, Jr.
Mrs. Joyce F. White
Mrs. Janice C. White and Mr. Robert A. White
Mrs. Brenda C. White and Mr. Barry L. White
Mrs. Gertrude H. White
Mrs. Luisa K. Whiting
Mrs. Berkeley W. Whitley and Mr. Mark Whitley
Mr. H. Clay Whitley
Mrs. Sharon B. Whitlock and Mr. Charles W. Whitlock
Mrs. Nancy L. Whitlock and Mr. Lawrence B. Whitlock
Mrs. Paula F. Whitmer and Dr. Greg L. Whitmer
Mrs. Nanette Whitt and Mr. Richard W. Whitt
Mr. Harry L. Whitt
Mrs. Diane Whitten and Mr. G. Harrison Whitten, Jr.
Mrs. Kathy S. Whitten and Mr. Frederick A. Whitten
Mr. Kennon C. Whittle, Jr.
Mrs. Susan A. Whitton and Mr. John B. Whitton II
Mrs. Diane Hammond Wick
Mrs. Kimberly P. Wickemeyer and Mr. Colter R. Wickemeyer, Jr.
Dr. Pamela A. Wiegardt
Ms. Dawn R. Wilder and Mr. Terry W. Wilder
Mrs. Margaret H. Wildy and Mr. Vernon L. Wildy
Ms. Patricia Marlene Wiley
Ms. Patricia M. Wiley and Dr. Paul M. Wiley
Ms. Joanne T. Wiley
Dr. Shirley B. Wiley
Mrs. Jennifer R. Wilkins and Mr. David R. Wilkins
Mr. Gene C. Wilkinson
Mrs. Sara H. Will and Mr. Daniel S. Will
Dr. John W. Willhide
Mrs. Ellen M. Williams and Mr. Don Williams
Mrs. Anita B. Williams and Mr. Herbert L. Williams
The Reverend Michael S. Williams
Ms. Daphne Y. Williams
Dr. Tonya E. Williams and Mr. Garland W. Williams
Mrs. Georga S. Williams and Mr. Daniel L. Williams, Jr.
Mr. Thomas Evan Williams, Jr.
Mrs. Susan F. Williams
Ms. Carolyn E. Williams and Mr. Clarence G. Williams, Jr.
Mrs. Juanita L. Williams
Mrs. Theresa T. Williams
Ms. Grace L. Williams and Mr. Jim York
Mr. Taylor E. Williams
Ms. Pamela T. Williams
Ms. Barbara L. Williams
Ms. Phyllis G. Williams
Mrs. Kay P. Williams and Mr. Fielding L. Williams, Jr.
Ms. Betty E. Williams
Mrs. Linda Williamson and Mr. Samuel C. Williamson
Mrs. Paula Willis and Mr. James B. Willis
Mr. James K. Wills, Jr.
Dr. Jacqueline W. Wilson
Mrs. Mickey R. Wilson and Mr. Robert P. Wilson
Ms. Rebecca R. Wilson
Mrs. Carolina M. Wilson and Mr. Charles Wilson
Mrs. Judy Wilson and Mr. Russell K. Wilson
Ms. Martha R. Wilson
Ms. Elizabeth A. Wimberly
Mrs. Patricia E. Wingfield and Mr. Gregory H. Wingfield
Mr. Steven A. Wistrom
Mrs. Louise N. Witherspoon and Dr. John M. Witherspoon
Mrs. Kendall C. Witten and Mr. Thomas R. Witten, Jr.
Mrs. Ann M. Witthoefft and Mr. Martin H. Witthoefft
Mr. Eric Warren Witzig
Ms. Sharon B. Wolber
Mrs. Anna S. Wolf
Mrs. Barbara M. Wolpow and Mr. Samuel M. Wolpow
Dennis C. Wong, D.D.S.
Mrs. Andrea L. Woo and Mr. Carlson Woo
Dr. Cassandra L. Wood
Mrs. Helen S. Wood and Mr. Phinehas L. Wood
Mr. Buck W. Woodard
Mr. Stanley Woodcock
Mrs. Maria O. Woodlief and Dr. Fred P. Woodlief III
Mrs. Donna Woods and Mr. Robert J. Woods, Jr.
Ms. Annette S. Woodson
Mrs. Carolyn S. Woodson and Mr. Gary G. Woodson
Mrs. Christel I. Woodward and Mr. Edward J. Woodward
Ms. Dianne T. Woodworth
Mrs. Peggy J. Woolf
Mr. Richard Woollacott
Ms. Diana M. Wray
Dr. Jacqueline M. Wrenn
Mrs. Rebecca B. Wright and Mr. James G. Wright
Mr. Donald C. Wright
Ms. Rebecca E. Wright
Mrs. Jean P. Wright and Mr. Richard W. Wright
Ms. Patricia C. Wright
Mrs. Sandra L. Wright and Mr. Harvey D. Wright, Jr.
Dr. Mary Ann H. Wright
Mrs. Elaina C. Wright and Mr. Edward E. Wright, Jr.
Mrs. Leslie G. Wyatt and Mr. Donald C. Wyatt
Mrs. Terri H. Wyatt and Mr. Scott A. Wyatt
Mrs. Ann K. Wynne and Dr. Kenneth J. Wynne
Mrs. Janet B. Yancey and Mr. Quinton E. Yancey
Mrs. Dana V. Yarbrough
Mr. Michael R. Yeatman
Dr. Joy Yeh and Mr. Terry Chern
Mrs. Jenny J. Yeo and Dr. Mike C. Yeo
Mrs. Karen B. Young and Mr. Stephen H. Young
Mrs. Jessica B. Young
Mr. Carroll W. Youngkin
Dr. Bryan L. Yumori
Mrs. Lorraine Yurick and Mr. Peter J. Yurick
Mrs. Betty Jo B. Zarris
Mr. W. Gary Zimmerman
Dr. Deborah T. Zimmermann and Mr. Gary P. Zimmermann
Mrs. Marcia F. Zwicker and Mr. Gary D. Zwicker