Chef's Dinner 2019

Necessitates Closet

#M50635 - Virginia Treatment Center for Children - Necessity Closet

I want to ensure that any child staying at the VTCC is given the essential items needed for daily living.

$50 $100 $150 Other


Family Support Services

#M50336 - Child Mental Health Resource Center Fund

I want to support efforts in assisting families in finding and planning the best care for their child(ren). I want my gift to support trainings and workshops, printed materials for take-home use, and web-based resources for any parent in need.

$50 $100 $150 Other


The Art of Relaxation and Mindfulness

#M50636 - Virginia Treatment Center for Children - Programming

I would like to aid in making stays at the VTCC a more positive experience for all children by providing funding for additional programming opportunities such as: weekly yoga classes, art and music therapy, movie nights, and holiday parties.

$50 $100 $150 Other