Golden Alumni at the Theatre

Join us for an afternoon of live entertainment, with discounted tickets to Theatre VCU’s performance of Disney’s “Descendants: The Musical,” a new production jam-packed with comedy, adventure, Disney characters and hit songs from the films.

When: 3-5 p.m. Sunday, April 21
Where: Singleton Center for the Performing Arts, 922 Park Ave. Richmond, VA 23220
Cost: $15


Imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost — home of the most infamous villains who ever lived — the teenaged children of Maleficent, the Evil Queen, Jafar and Cruella De Vil have never ventured off the island — until now. When the four troublemakers are sent to attend prep school alongside the children of beloved Disney heroes, they have a difficult choice to make: Should they follow in their parents’ wicked footsteps or learn to be good?

Get a peek behind the curtain!

Register for the Golden Alumni campus building tours on April 19 for an up-close look at the sets and costumes.

Questions? Contact Diane Stout-Brown (B.S.W.’80/SW), at

Registration is closed.