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Faculty and staff philanthropy

When you give, “they” give. “They” are alumni and friends who support the mission of VCU and VCU Health. Making a gift to support VCU is your opportunity to say that you believe in that mission. Your participation demonstrates that VCU is one of the best possible investments for a potential donor's philanthropic support. Every gift matters to the university, no matter the amount. Every VCU employee can participate. Together, we’ll make giving real.

Your gift has the power to inspire innovation, encourage excellence and transform dreams into discoveries. Faculty and staff members who donate to the university are ideally positioned to identify areas of need that might not be well supported. Through donations, we can change lives and grow our culture of giving at VCU.

Philanthropy impacts our most vital asset – our students -- in many ways every day. Here’s how:

• $32,411 is the average loan debt at graduation for a VCU student earning an undergraduate degree.
• 33 percent of VCU freshmen are first-generation college students.
• 11,804 of VCU’s 20,294 full-time undergraduate students in 2014 showed need for financial aid.
• 62 percent of VCU undergraduates took out a loan (not including parent loans) to pay tuition in 2014.