2013 SNDA Oral Cancer Walk

Fourth Annual Oral Cancer Walk commemorating National Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Month. Portion of proceeds benefit the VCU School of Dentistry's Philips Institute's ongoing oral cancer research.

When: 8–11:30 a.m. Saturday, April 20
Where: Vita Course in Byrd Park, 600 S. Boulevard, Richmond, Va.

Sponsorship Levels:
Level 1: $500 - recognized with corporate logo on T-shirts.
Level 2: $750 - recognized with corporate logo on T-shirts and event banners.
Level 3: Any amount over $750 - recognized with corporate logo on T-shirts,banners, articles published in VCU Dentistry newsletters and articles published in the local Richmond newspaper. Please enter your donation amount in section 4 below “additional donations”

Non-Sponsorship Participation:
$20 - eligible to participate, T-shirt included if register prior to April 1.
Other - all levels of financial support will be appreciated.

Registration is closed.